Monday 25 May 2015

EATING OUT: The Greenhouse Altrincham

The Greenhouse, Oxford Road, Altrincham.

One of my favourite places to eat! It's simple, affordable, healthy and all vegetarian. So, not the best place for 'hardcore carnivores' - you know who you are! But a great place for lunch.

I love to go and sit by myself, get a big selection of their salads (who knew roasted cauliflower could be so damn scrummy!) and sit watching the world go by! You can sit in the window at the front and people watch or sink into the big comfy sofas in the back. This place really is somewhere great, such a simple canteen idea but so so good! The selection of salads is massive and they are always different ones. You can have a hot meal, vege lasagne for example or just a piece of cake and a cuppa! Whatever tickles your fancy! :)

Then, the best bit afterwards... continue on your path of health and well-being by cutting through the restaurant to the little health food shop next door. It may be small but it has everything! What it doesn't have the staff will order for you to collect. The service is great and the staff are so knowledgeable about all the different supplements and foodstuffs. Plus, they sell my favourite green tea, the Clear Spring Matcha Tea - so fresh and clean tasting! Amazing!

Why not go check it out one lunchtime when you're out and about. Definatley one of my favourite places to eat!


Emmaline xx

New Posts on Eating Out!

Ok, so I guess we all know I love to cook. I mean actually LOVE it! I find cooking at home so therapeutic after a long day at work. Yes, sometimes I am tired just as much as the next person, but for me it's almost a way to 'wind-down' after a long day.

Cooking for me should be simple, comforting and above all super tasty. There is nothing more disheartening than cooking a big meal and it not tasting great. Oh, just the thought of it breaks my heart! As much as I love cooking though, I also adore eating out. It's my other 'thing' I guess ha ha.
Growing up, we always ate out once or twice a week as a family, my Dad had restaurants and so I guess it was a normal thing for us. Now, I am addicted to it. I don't really drink alcohol and so for me, I spend all my money on food... lots of food!

I find myself talking to my clients a lot at work about eating out and I am always recommending my favourite places to eat - all over the place! So, I decided it might be a good idea for me to write some of these places down, where I've been, what I ate and what I thought about it. So, here is a new section of the blog that I am going to simply call 'Eating Out'. A place that you can have a nosey and get some inspiration of where to eat for a special occasion or just somewhere to get some bloody good grub!!

Thanks for reading and let me know your favourite places to eat, I love trying new restaurants/cafes/canteens and everything inbetween!

Happy Eating!!

Emmaline x

(The Best Veggie Salads EVER!! The Greenhouse on Oxford Road, Altrincham, Cheshire)

Friday 8 May 2015

Buying organic and the 'Dirty Dozen'

I know I talk a lot about organic foods and veggies and where I can, I always try and choose the organic option. The main thing I know is that I don't want pesticides in my diet. FULL STOP! Unfortunately though, it's not always possible to buy organic. It can be a lot more expensive and also, not always available.
For me, I try and do a lot of my food shopping at Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton, Manchester. They have a really wide range of organic produce and it's also a co-op so I feel like I'm helping local businesses at the same time! Win win right?? (There are also Vegetable boxes that can be delivered to your door such as Abel and Cole and Riverford)

On saying that, I don't always make it to Unicorn and I don't always have the option to buy organic so here is what I do, I live by 'The Dirty Dozen' and 'The Clean Fifteen'.
The dirty dozen is a list of foods (I believe change yearly) that have the highest amount of contamination of pesticides. These are the ones I try to avoid buying non-organic. Then, the clean fifteen are 15 veggies that have the least amount of contamination. These I buy non-organic but always ensure to peel them in any case...

According to, the following are lists of the 'Dirty Dozen' and the 'Clean Fifteen'

The Dirty Dozen (in order of contamination)
Sweet bell peppers

The Clean 15 (in order of least contamination)
Sweet Corn
Sweet peas
Sweet potatoes

I always add Kale to the 'dirty dozen' list as it's made the cut a few times and so for me personally I won't buy it unless it is organic.

I hope this has helped you a little. Why not check out Unicorn if you are passing, it's just such a fab place!

Have a good day peeps!

Emmaline x


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