Hi, I'm Emmaline and welcome to Food, Life & Em.

This is a little corner of the internet that I use to share my weekly eatings, musings and general little gems of my week.

I have been a facialist for over 15 years and have seen such a strong link between lifestyle, diet and skin.

At the age of 30 I decided to quit eating meat and milk products (cream, yoghurt & milk) and see how it impacted my body. The results can only be described as life changing and now it's just how I eat.

Here at Food, Life & Em you will find posts about what I eat in a week, where I've been eating (I eat out a lot!) and also any recipes that I think you might like.

Follow me on Instagram @foodlifeandem or if you wish to contact me please email foodlifeandem@outlook.com


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