Tuesday 29 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello and a slightly belated Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a lovely break, I just wanted to share with you how my Christmas day was! I had such a lovely day filled with lots of food and relaxation - I couldn't have asked for more!

The best way to start the day is by making muffins, (these are from the Nigella Christmas recipe book) and fill the house with an amazing festive scents. I love the fact that they have a sugar crust on the top as it makes them super crunchy!

Then afterwards I started cooking lunch, I made so so much food! Oh it was yummy though!
My husband likes chicken, my Dad wanted turkey and I wanted a nut roast (my mum fits somewhere in the middle ha ha). Heres what we had...

Roasted sprouts & chestnuts, roasted sweet potato mash and a nut roast

I also made a warm kale, pea and mint salad which was delicious

The main event! Turkey, chicken, yorkshire puddings, stuffing, tomatoes and sweetcorn cobs

Then, finally my favourite bit - the roast potatoes and maple roasted carrots and parsnips 

I also made some fresh cranberry sauce and then for dessert we had a blueberry pavlova - which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of ha ha! Let's just say it went down well! ;)
Then in the afternoon I made some fresh bread, once it had cooled slightly we made sandwiches in the evening with all the leftovers! I think this was pretty much my favourite part of the day. I highly recommend doing this, I was super lazy and just used a bread mix in my kitchen aid so it didn't take too much work. The bread was really delicious though and made those sandwiches all the better!

The next day I had to decide what to do with all the leftovers - there were quite a few! My husband was feeling a little under the weather so I decided to make a bone broth with the chicken bones. This is so so good for you. Chicken soup is an amazing analgesic and is so soothing. It also has so many nutrients in it too so if you're a meat eater definitely give it a try.
I also used the leftover vegetables to make a soup which was so delicious! I just boiled up the roasted vegetables with some vegetable stock and then blitzed it in the vitamix. I then served it with some of my 'mushroom' bread (only the shape, I didn't push mushrooms in it ha ha). 

I hope you had a lovely time too! Right, New Year is next... best get planning!

All the best for 2016!

Emmaline x


Thursday 24 December 2015

EATING OUT: Yu Alderley Edge

T'was the night before Christmas... :)

So it's pretty much a tradition now that on Christmas Eve, hubby and I go out for a nice meal just the two of us. We usually try somewhere new and this year was no different. We ventured out into the cold to visit the new Yu restaurant in Alderley Edge.

Firstly, it was warm - I was therefore super happy! Really busy restaurant and a great selection of food on the menu. We decided to go for the 'meat free' options as I'm still not eating meat or dairy and it was seriously yum!

I can only apologise for the pictures in advance as the lighting was (although great for eating) terrible for taking pictures!

Here's what we had... 

Chinese Pak Choi with Oyster sauce and Sesame Oil 
Tofu and Mukyui and seasonal vegetables in Chilli and Black Bean

Roasted Black Cod with Miso and Champagne

King prawns in spicy XO Sauce and wild mushrooms


Dessert - Banana and Chocolate Fritters

We had such a lovely evening, I can really recommend it. Now home to watch a Christmas movie!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Emmaline xx 


Saturday 19 December 2015



I know its been a short while since I posted, but with Christmas literally around the corner the clinic has been non-stop! Exciting times ahead I know, but it has been extremely busy!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who has taken the time out of their lives to read my blog posts. I really appreciate it and hope that you enjoy what you read! If there is anything that you want to see on the blog in the new year, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to post about it for you.

Lots of big things coming up in the new year and I am super excited about my new ventures - watch this space!!

All that aside though, I want to wish you and yours a very joyful and Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016! I will be back soon with new recipes and beauty posts, but until then have a lovely festive break!

Lots of love

Emmaline x

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