RECIPE: Courgetti


I'm guessing you have seen that for quite some time now, a lot of my instagram posts have been pictures of courgetti. I decided to do a post on it to show you how to make it as a simple, quick and easy lunch.

I have bought a couple of spiralizers in the past, but my favorite by far has to be the Hemsley and Hemsley one. I bought mine from Selfridges, but you can buy them off Amazon for quite a good price.

The great thing about courgetti (or rainbow spagetti) is you can eat it cooked or raw. I like it both ways to be honest. Obviously, its a lot quicker to prepare raw, but if you wish to have it cooked, then just heat a little oil in the fry pan and fry the courgetti for a few minutes until it's warmed through. Then just stir through a pesto sauce or add to the pan a pasta sauce. My favorite way is to have it raw with a gluten-free and dairy free pesto stirred through and then added to a bed of rocket. You can then serve it with whatever you fancy, meatballs, fish, veggies. It's entirely up to you!

Why not make a salad with some nice veggies and courgetti

The awesome Hemsley Hemsley spiralizer

Why not just stir some pesto straight into the raw courgetti for a quick, easy lunch

I love to make my own pesto at home, but when I don't have time this is my 'go-to' pesto from the supermarket. Pesto usually contains parmesan cheese, but as I'm dairy free at the moment I'm avoiding cheese altogether. This is a great alternative and you don't miss the cheese in it either

Happy spiralizing guys! :)

Emmaline x


EATING OUT: Day Out in London!

So I was in London yesterday for work - I guess you could call it an educational trip!

I decided to travel down the day before and go for a little explore around, because well... why not? :)

I only visited a couple of restaurants, but wow they were lovely ones! I thought I would do a little post on where I went as I know you all like to be kept in the loop ha ha!

We went for lunch at a really cool place called Coya. I believe that it's the same people that own Zuma and Roka but it was a Peruvian restaurant not the usual Japanese style that they do.

Coya Restaurant Bar & Grill in Mayfair

We had such a fantastic meal! I tried to take some pics of the food. I know I always say this... but I was seriously hungry! ha ha! It was so yummy, here are some foodie pics of what we ate...

Crocantes con guacamole
Corn tortillas and Shrimp Crackers with home made guacamole 

Patatas Bravas a la Peruana
Crispy potatoes, spicy tomatoes, huancaina sauce

Ensalada Peruana
Gem lettuce, Peruvian beans, purple potatoes, radish

Pollo Tacos
Chicken, red peppers and sweet corn

Then in the evening we went for another nice meal at a place called Babaji in Soho. This was a Turkish restaurant that we have been wanting to check out for a while. Check out the pictures...

So, above we had...
Fried calamari, roasted eggplant, artichoke with beetroot and olive oil, homemade humus with fresh bread (ALOT OF BREAD!), chargrilled red peppers, samphire with garlic, red pepper and sunblush tomato and my friends also tried the 'Pide'. Pide is a Turkish style pizza and they had a chargrilled courgette and also a lamb one. I had a teeny tiny corner of the courgette one but as it contained cheese I tried to avoid it. What I did eat though was rather yummy!

Linden, ginger and honey tea

Turkish Coffee - Seriously strong coffee!!

We had such a great evening and the food was really good. I highly recommend trying it next time you're in London. 

Thanks for reading! I will keep you posted on all my foodie adventures :)

Emmaline x




I am relocating to a new clinic in the heart of Hale Village, Cheshire!

This has been a dream of mine for such a long time and to be finally able to make it happen is beyond exciting for me.

I can't wait for you all to see it, but first... we must decorate! Hopefully we will be good to go in around 6 weeks time, so bear with me... it will be worth the wait!

If you wish to make a booking for the new clinic, please email me at

Look forwards to seeing you there

Emmaline x

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