RECIPE: Perfect Porridge

When it's freezing cold outside in the mornings, I don't think any of us really want a cold breakfast really do we?? I love to make my hubby and I a big bowl of porridge to fill our tummies before leaving for work.
Porridge is not only super warming in our bodies, but it also has some mega amazing benefits too!

According to, porridge has all these wonderful benefits in our bodies...

Appetite Regulation

Whole grains and whole-grain derivatives have a high amount of dietary fiber. This substance helps fill you up, which prevents you from overeating. If you do not overeat, you will maintain or even lose weight. Fiber also helps keep blood-sugar levels on an even keel and reduces the risk for high cholesterol. A cup of cooked porridge contains about 4 grams of fiber. Men should try to consume at least 30 grams a day, while women should get 20 grams. Adding berries, seeds and nuts to the porridge increases its fiber content.


Carbohydrates are macronutrients needed for optimal brain function and energy through the course of the day. Porridge contains a high amount of complex carbs, which get digested at a slow pace, unlike simple carbs. This gives you lasting energy. A 1-cup serving contains just over 27 grams of carbs. Adding fruit, honey, brown sugar or milk to your porridge will boost the carb content of your meal and increase the calories. Milk also contains a moderate amount of protein.

Oxygen Transport

Iron is used for the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin, which join forces with red blood cells to carry oxygen to the muscles and all other areas of the body. Porridge has a generous amount of this mineral. One cup contains about 14 milligrams, which is more than 100 percent of the recommended intake for men and about 80 percent for women.

Muscle Recovery

Porridge has a high content of phosphorus. A 1-cup serving contains 180 milligrams, which is 25 percent of the recommended daily value. Phosphorus, which is stored in the bones, helps with energy production, filtering of waste through the kidneys and muscle recovery after intense exercise. Making porridge with milk and adding seeds and nuts will create a high-phosphorus content in your meal.

Strong Bones

Calcium is similar to phosphorus in that it helps strengthen teeth and bones. It also plays a role in hormone secretion, nerve transmission and muscle function. The daily recommended intake of calcium for men aged 19 to 70 is 1,000 milligrams. Women aged 19 to 50 should get 1,000 milligrams, but women ages 51 to 70 should get 1,200 milligrams. One cup of porridge contains about 187 milligrams. By preparing your gruel with milk, you will boost the calcium content of the meal.

Immunity Boosting

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that the body needs for vision, cell and tissue growth and reproduction. It is also an antioxidant, which helps destroy free radicals and reduce the risk for chronic disease. A 1-cup serving of porridge supplies more than 1,450 international units of vitamin A. The recommended daily value of this vitamin is 3,000 international units for men over 19 years old and 2,300 international units for women in this same age group.



  • 1 cup of organic porridge oats (gluten free if necessary)
  • 2 1/2 cups of plant based milk - I like Rude Health almond milk
  • Good grating of fresh nutmeg
  • 1/4 cup frozen berries
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Add the oats and the milk to the pan and put on the hob
  • With porridge, you need to continuously stir the oats and never let it boil - so don't leave it!
  • Add the frozen berries and a drizzle of maple syrup (1 teaspoon) to another small pan and bring to the boil - you don't need to add any liquid as they will naturally seep out their own juices.
  • Add a good grating of fresh nutmeg and continue to stir
  • When you get the consistency that you want, remove the porridge off the heat and stir through the vanilla
  • Pour into 2 bowls and add the berries on top
  • Serve with an extra drizzle of maple syrup over the top if needed and enjoy!

I know it sounds silly giving a recipe for porridge, but it can be difficult to make sometimes if you don't get your ratios correct of milk and oats. Also, as I said before, never let it boil as it changes the consistency. 
Always try and make it on the hob too as microwaves can really damage the nutrients in your food!

Thanks so much for reading

Emmaline x



It's been such a busy week! I hope you all have had a lovely week and are enjoying your weekend. 

I've been working hard on the blog this week. Really hope that you have enjoyed the new posts I've been putting up. This was a gorgeous soup I made a few weeks ago and froze! I love making soups, especially if I make a big batch, I can then freeze it in pots and have it for a quick and easy lunch. I love putting beans and barley in them too so its nice and filling! I will be putting up some great soup recipes soon!

Don't we all wish we could have this life! Ha ha!

I got this gorgeous clutch bag from Vanilla. It's by a really cute designer called Katie Loxton and she does some really gorgeous bags. All these little clutches have words on them like this one has 'Ta Dah' or 'One in a million' or 'Girlie Goodies'.
 I bought the bag tassel separately but it's all by the same brand. I thought the colours complimented each other well.

Got to love a bit of Tom Dixon right...!

Taking it back to the old school with crumpets! Have a great weekend guys!

Emmaline x


My Favourite Workout Apps!

I put a post up a couple of days ago about my 5 favourites and one of those fav's was my 7 minute workout app. 
So, today I thought I would go through with you which are may fav workout apps - I've definitely tried a few!!
I love using workout apps to help me as they are super cheap but you feel like you get a personal training session at the same time! I know it is no comparison to having somebody there with me, but my bank balance much prefers it!! I am not a member of a gym and haven't had a membership in many years! I find - for me - I like working out at home with my yoga mat and a couple of kettle bells for weights. I have a 6kg and an 8kg which is enough for me as I'm not looking to bulk up too much.

Quick Fit | 7 minute Workout App

This 'Quick Fit' app is so great, I've been using it for a while now and I know it's crazy to say (it's only 7 minutes long for goodness sake!) but I really do feel a difference after using it. You can do it every day as it's only 7 minutes long - I think everybody can find 7 minutes in their day and if not, I really suggest that you re-assess your work/life balance!
I love doing more energising workouts in the morning as I really feel they get me going. This one isn't so hard that you're going to be breaking a major sweat, but it does warm your body up.
Will you lose weight from doing just this?? Hmmmm... I would probably say no. You do really need to look into your diet and do something a bit more 'active', but if you're just looking to tone up then this is the perfect app!

Nike Training Club

This app is the original reason I started using these in the first place and it is always one of favourites! If you want to trim up a little before a holiday or a special event, this is the app I go to.

There are so many different workouts for you to choose from. There are 4 main sections to choose from - get lean, get toned, get strong and get focused. Then, in each section you can select whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Then you can choose a workout that suits you based on time and result. Each workout gives you 'walk through' poses of how to do each pose and also mini videos to show you how to do everything. This really helps you get each move right and lessens the chance of you hurting yourself. You also get somebody talking through the workout routine with you, keeping you motivated and going. It's great fun! They also do a personalised training schedule too over 4 weeks which reminds you to workout and tells you which workouts to do to get the result you want.
My favourite 15 minute workout was 'Wild Alive' with Jessie J - you sweat and really work that ass! Fancy going hard?? Jeanette Jenkins 'Ultimate Hollywood' is 45 minutes of hardcore blood, sweat and tears ha ha! I'm guaranteed to look like a hot mess after this one!

Quick Fit | 15 Minute Yoga Routine

I downloaded this from my 7 minute workout app as I wanted to give it a try, well I love it! I've been using this for around 6-8 months now and it's just a really nice way to get your 'yoga' fix in daily. I like to do my 7 minute workout first and then follow it with my 15 minute yoga session. I find after all the jumping around from the 7 min workout, it's nice to calm and stretch the muscles after by doing a bit of yoga.

It's great for all abilities, really simple, not too advanced. There's nothing more depressing than watching somebody bend their body in half and twist their leg behind their head and then say 'now you do it!'. It can be quite demotivating and you can also end up doing some damage if you're trying to do a pose that you're bod is not ready for!

Similar to all the other apps, it walks through each pose with you and they talk through it too just to help you stay motivated. I love to do this app if I can't get to my regular yoga class, it makes me still feel like I'm doing something ha ha!

Yoga Studio App

I downloaded this app more recently - maybe the last 4 months? This is such a lovely yoga app. Similar to the Nike training club, you can select your level and then also build your Yoga practice to suit you. It has practices that you can do for 15 minutes up to an hour. As you can custom build your practice too, it works really well so you can do the things that you like or that suit your body. 

Like all the other apps they walk you through the poses and the girl's voice is very soft and calming. There is also music that runs in the background to help you relax as well which I like  it sets the mood!

Each pose has a video too which shows you how to do each one which I really like. You don't feel intimidated by the poses and you can work to your own ability.

Headspace | Treat your head right!

I couldn't do a post on workout apps without doing one for the mind as well. Our brains work so so hard in the day and if you're unlucky, at night too! We all struggle to sleep at some point in our lives and so some gentle meditation can really help with that.

They offer a free 10 days which is amazing! It's just 10 minutes a day - I like to do it before bed, but you can do it anytime. The guy's voice is very gentle but not too 'hippy'. There are no weird chimes in the background and you really do feel great after. There are even little cartoons to watch before the session which try and help you understand how to calm your mind. It's super user friendly and I go back to it over and over again when I'm needing to sleep but my mind is running a marathon!
I recommend it to so many clients who are struggling with stress or anxiety, it is just the simple mindfulness method but it's packaged in such a way it almost feels like a fun thing to do.

Well, I hope you like this post and there have been some insights that might help you with your workout routine a bit more. We don't all have the time to go to the gym everyday, but even just 7 minutes will help you on the way to get the body you want.

Thank you so much for reading!

Emmaline x


5 FAVOURITES: Hair, Makeup and Positivity!

Well, what do I have here...! Five little treats that I just love this week, so I thought why not share them with you...

1. Hair Clips | Dry Bar Alligator Clips

Anybody who has seen me in the last 6 months has probably seen one of these bad boys in my hair! I am seriously addicted to them, they are all over my house, in my car/handbag/clinic and they are amazing!

They are bright yellow, so pretty hard to miss, but these clips, they are not just like any regular clip...

According to

·       Hold large amounts of hair, which makes sectioning easy.
·       “Alligator jaw” design keeps the hair securely in place.
·       Leave no indentation. Jointed arm and flexible grip prevent lines of demarcation.
·       Remove gently without pulling or tugging strands.
·     For damp styling, use lower arm as a comb to create vertical sections in hair and clip. Makes blow-drying more effective and efficient.

·       For dry styling, use lower arm to create horizontal sections below the part in dry hair and clip for optimal use of Detox.

I purchased mine in New York at Dry Bar, but I know you can get them from Sephora online (which now ships to the UK! hurrah!!) find out more here

2. Books | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

      I purchased this book originally via one of my credits at, so no I didn't sit and read it but listened to it instead! I first listened to it on my way back from a training course up North. It was a long journey home and the traffic was a nightmare! Liz's voice was so comforting and it still is now (I've still around an hour left of listening time). This book is so fantastic, she talks about how we are all creative and how we can lose the fear to really allow ourselves to do what we really want to do. It truly is big magic and I found myself welling up at some points when she talks about how creativity can flow and how we ALL experience the fear. She speaks of how ideas are not 'ours' but belong to the universe. Such a fantastic read or listen, one of my fav books to date!

3. Workout Apps | The 7 Minute workout by Quick Fit - Tiny Hearts

I've been using this app for months now and I really like it. I also unlocked the Quick Yoga 15 minute routine too which I love. Apparently it has been scientifically proven to work! Well, who knows really, but I love it. I don't do it every day as I do other training methods along side it, but I can imagine using it every day for 7 minutes is a quick and easy way of toning up.

4. Makeup | Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline New York

Do you remember this mascara?? It was sold out everywhere when it first came out and all the super models were using it! How things have changed since then, I think I was about 15 when it came out ha ha!

Well, I am bringing it back! I saw it the other day and decided to try it again and you know what... I love it! It's so natural looking for everyday and is so easy to remove. It cost like a fiver and I think it's still a fab mascara! Let's take it back to the year 2000 and get out our great lash! 

5. Quote of the day

"You don't fail if you don't succeed, you fail if you don't try!"

This is so true! I feel like society really brings us to believe that if we try something and do not succeed, or you fail to 'impress', this is seen as failure. The real failure is if we never give it a go in the first place! Do you really want to look back when you're older and think, "I wish I did this/that and now I have no time". That is failing to be creative! You ALWAYS must try, give it a go! You never know, you might end up flying!

So, wear that crazy dress, call that person, go for that job, really do follow your dreams and make sure you feel gratitude along the way!

Thanks so much for reading everybody, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


Updated Omelette Recipe :)

Omelettes are one of my favourite breakfasts if I need something that can really stuff my belly! I usually have them on a Sunday morning before work and it really keeps me full till after lunch.

I've managed to come up with a recipe now that i really love and is super quick to do too. It involves a little bit of cheating too which makes it even quicker. I love chargrilled vegetables and I have found some from the supermarket which are pre-cooked and frozen to make things super easy.

My recipe is super simple and you can mix it up to suit whatever you have in your fridge. Maybe just make a mushroom and spinach? Just cheese? Whatever you like! This is how I make mine though...


1 cup of frozen chargrilled vegetables
1/2 a sweet potato chopped into small cubes
2 eggs beaten with a pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon harissa spice blend
1 tablespoon of cooking oil - I like garlic or chilli infused oil but you can use which you like best.
Handful of chopped fresh coriander
Fresh ground black Pepper
1 tortilla wrap


  • Pre-heat the grill to a medium to high heat
  • Fry the sweet potato for a few minutes until they start to soften
  • Add the chargrilled vegetables and fry the vegetables until the are nice and caramelised.
  • Add the harissa blend and stir through
  • Take the vegetables out of the pan and set aside, add the beaten eggs to the pan and allow the bottom to set for a minute or so
  • Sprinkle the vegetables on top of the eggs and then put under the hot grill for a few minutes until starting to brown on top
  • Whilst the omelette is under the grill, put the tortilla at the bottom of the grill to warm through slightly.
  • When the omelette is cooked, remove from the grill and slide it onto the tortilla wrap.
  • Sprinkle over the coriander and the pepper - if you want to add any sauces now is the time. I like it with sweet chilli, but you may like good old HP Sauce too!
  • Roll up the wrap and then place on a plate under the grill again for a minute or so until its starting to brown and crisp on top.
  • Bring it out of the grill and slice in half - this is seriously hot so be careful not to burn your mouth. I like to think it's more or a knife and fork job as opposed to eating it as a wrap as it's just too hot!
  • ENJOY!

I love to have a nice green juice with mine, sometimes I don't have the wrap with it and sometimes I do. It's your call really, I hope you enjoy it though 

Thanks for reading

Emmaline x

EATING OUT: Wahaca Manchester


So, we went out on Friday night for dinner to the Corn Exchange in Manchester. I love going there as there is such a great range of restaurants that are available and most of them you can't book tables - I know this can be a bit of a pain sometimes having to wait for a table, but if you're lucky the wait is not usually too long and the food is great. It also means that you can just show up when you're ready instead of having to try and race after work, find a parking space and arrive on time - just takes the pressure off for me.

We decided to go to Wahaca as we have never been before and we were in the mood for something super tasty! Oh yummy! It was so so good!!

Super cool venue!

Spread over two floors as well with a cute bar that overlooks the inside of the corn exchange

Funky Staircase :)

The menu is so big and there's so much variety, we had quite a lot of food but we ate it all! Super delicious!

I had a non alcoholic Ginger Beer - which is one of my treats to myself when I go out. This was such a great quality one and tasted really firey! Just how I like it :)

Hubby went for a Citrus Press which was freshly crushed lime, torn mint, sparkling water & a hint of sweetness. This was so refreshing!

Nachos and guacamole to start - obviously!

Like I said... Lots of food ha ha

We had...
  • Grilled British steak - Flash grilled skirt steak with chipotle salsa
  • Rajas - Strips of char-grilled poblano pepper, sautéed with spinach & corn in a deliciously creamy sauce
  • Tender, marinated chicken - Poached chicken seasoned with lime & black pepper and dressed with Lancashire cheese & chipotle salsa
  • Mexico City style salmon sashimi - Sustainably sourced raw salmon, marinated in fresh lime & tamari with avocado & chipotle mayo
  • Black bean & cheese - black beans, long cooked until tender, with Mexican herb
  • Sweet potato - Crispy fried chunks of sweet potato, dressed with smoky caramelised mojo de ajo
  • Spicy slaw - Fresh crunchy slaw mixed with our chipotle dressing
  • Churros y chocolate - Our favourite! Mexican doughnuts with a rich chocolate sauce
Super Yummy! I obviously didn't have the chicken or steak but hubby said they were tasty too!

I know toilets are a bit of a weird thing to show, but they were so different! These big barrels were the sinks that you wash your hands in! Super cool :)

Super lighting

Fresh mint tea - every time!

Seriously the sexiest churros I've ever had! Super crispy on the outside light and fluffy on the inside - Magic!!

I really hope you enjoy if it if you give it a try. I definitely would go back again and the service was so great! Our waitress was called Chanel and she was so so sweet and helpful. Everybody was so friendly and we had a really lovely night. 

Thanks for reading,

Emmaline x

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