Restaurant Review; Eating Out at The Bull & Bear by Tom Kerridge in Manchester


Well I finally made it to Bull and Bear and I was so so looking forwards to it!

Ok, so I don't want to make this a really long post so I will make it straight to the point if I can.

The restaurant is beautiful, the Stock Exchange is rather cool too. I was actually taken back a little when I walked in it was so stunning... but... what's with the TV's everywhere?
So as I was sat eating my lunch, there are two football matches going on over the space of seven televisions! Wait.. what?

I get it, the hotel is owned by ex footballers and so they must have a 'theme' running throughout, but it just killed the vibe a bit. It was rather distracting to be honest... especially to my husband (insert eye roll here!)

I mean... stunning though right?

Anyways, let's get down to the food... when it finally came (the food was pretty slow but apparently I'm not the first to say that)

Check out the full Bull & Bear menu here

So this is one of Tom Kerridge's restaurants (who I'm a really big fan of) so I was really excited. It's got quite a nice menu with lots of small plates to choose from. 

We decided to go for the fish and veggie options as always, but there's quite a lot of meat on the menu for you meat fans.

28-hour Sourdough with West Country Farmhouse Butter

Rotisserie Beetroot Salad with Feta and Hazelnut Dressing

Our mains with sides of buttered hispi cabbage and Rotisserie Celeriac with Winter Truffle.

Cheese, Potato and Onion Pie with Braised Leeks and Parmesan Veloute

Spiced Cornish Monkfish, P.S.B, Moilee Sauce, Pine Nut & Caper Dressing

The B&B Profiteroles with Soured Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Ok, so overall the food was rather nice. We always tend to share our food so we can try lots of flavours (I think it's the Asian in us!). I would say though, I'm glad we did. The portion sizes were intentionally quite small (even the bigger ones), but I don't think I could have eaten a whole portion of anything. 

The bread was really good and so was the beetroot salad. The sides were great too, especially the roasted celeriac, that was delicious!

The mains were also nice but really, really salty. I mean salty I guess in a good way if you like that, but my tongue started to burn a bit by the end of the meal.

The monkfish was cooked perfectly and the pie was super crispy. I mean, it was all cooked to perfection - and I wouldn't expect any less either really.

Then came dessert which I was too full to eat. However, I did mange to squeeze in one profiterole which wasn't thick and chewy but actually really light and crispy. The chocolate sauce though was TO DIE FOR!

Overall, would I go back? Well maybe.

We didn't have any drinks, just sparkling water and the bill came to around £77. Not too bad, but I think for the price and the food, I would prefer to go back to Six by Nico instead. The tv's just killed it for me a bit which was disappointing but the food was quite good so maybe I would.

So that's it really. Have you been? Did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x

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