My new Fav Thing - BLACK BEANS ! ! !

Now, I'm not talking about the black beans that you get in a Chinese black bean sauce, these are a different type called Black Turtle Beans and they are my new favourite thing!
They are high in protein, fibre, antioxidents and micronutrients and that's not the only reason why I love them... They're so yummy!

I like to buy mine canned as its a lot easier than having to soak them for ages and then cook them, but nutritionally I believe that they are both the same.

The way I like to cook mine is very simple, washed and drained and then fried in the pan with a little garlic or chilli oil, squeeze of lemon and a dash of teriyaki or tamari sauce. I'm only really warming them through not frying them for ages or anything.

They are a great addition to salads or served with chicken or fish instead of potatoes perhaps! I had some on my salad today and they were scrummy! Why not try something different... enjoy!!


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