I'm Back! Eating out at Wild & Wild, Porta, Con Club & Home Cooking

This feels so good to be back! What can I say, I love food, I love talking about food and I didn't realise how much I enjoyed writing this blog until I stopped.

Don't get me wrong, skincare is still such a huge part of my life. I love educating people about great skincare and my skincare blog is still going. In fact, you can find it here if you fancy mooching over.

For now though, here are some foodie posts that I can share with you. Lots of pics of what I've been eating and where I've been eating over the past few weeks...

CHINESE NEW YEAR MEAL (cooked by Daddy Tsui!)

Two types of prawns (OK sauce and salty egg and broccoli), Sea Bass steamed with ginger and spring onions, steamed chicken (obvs not for me!) and preserved tofu and glass noodles.


 (Above) Cauliflower bites with a sweet chilli sauce and the 'Beyond Burger' and sweet potato fries.

Finally I made it to this place. These beyond burgers are so meaty it's quite scary. Ive bought them previously from supermarkets and can't believe that they are plant based.

 Protein bowl with tempeh, chickpeas, quinoa and salad. 


Tenderstem broccoli and padron peppers

We had all our favourites but I was too hungry to wait to take a picture of it all!


Cous cous, feta, prawns and sun blushed tomato oil drerssing

I make quite a lot of salads at work as they are so easy. It's just a case of assembling them together. I like to buy pre-made salads for ease and also to give a dressing when I'm in a rush. For the one above, I used the Sainsbury's  feta and cous cous salad and also the M & S prawns and sun blushed tomato salad.


I can't beat steak and mash if I want a good, hearty meal. These vegan steaks from Sainsbury's are actually rather tasty. When you cook them with the onion gravy and a sweetheart cabbage it's just heaven! I will have to do a post on how I make my sweetheart cabbage as it's so delicious. I have to say though, for anybody who says vegan food is bland or boring has never tried this!


Edamame Beans, Tempura Prawns, Dragon Roll, Spicy Soft Shell Crab Roll

Homemade Gluten Free Almond Biscotti & Whole Earth Coffee Alternative Oatly Milk Latte

Homemade Pizzas on New Years Eve

Homemade Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash and Tomato Soup

I've become obsessed with my soup maker since Christmas. It was possibly one of the best gadgets I've been given and I have used it nearly every day since.
It's just so simple to use, especially for work. I tend to purchase my vegetables already chopped from the supermarket and then I can just add them to the maker with some water, a stock pot, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed herbs, tomato puree and black pepper. I know, it sounds a lot but it's just so easy. Then, I press the button for smooth soup (you can also have chunky if you wish) and then as if by magic, in nineteen minutes, I have delicious, homemade, piping hot soup!

If you're interested in which soup maker I have, you can click here for the link.

Well, that's about all I have to post for this week. I hope you are happy to see me back again. I'm so excited to be back anyways!

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x


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