Super Excited!

Ok, so my life isn't that interesting I know! I just HAD to show you my new toy! Oh my god! I'm so excited - meet my new little baby... my KitchenAid

Ta Dah!!

Oh, it's so beautiful! I'm not really one for 'love at first sight' but me and this little baby fell in love straight away! It's the 'Cafe Latte' version which is an off-white with a metallic (dare i even use the term glitter?) running through it that you can't really see in normal daylight but as soon as a spotlight hits it - SPARKLE!!
Ok, now I've calmed down a bit and had my showing off moment he he, I also want to tell you I've started a course on nutrition! I'm so excited to share everything I'm learning and try to develop new recipes which are healthy, super tasty and also good for people with diet probs and also just wanting to be generally healthier - with the side effect of weight loss.
I've also got a new obsession with bread making - ok, I know not the healthiest but lets be realistic, I'm NEVER going to be able to cut bread out of my or my husbands diet so why not make it myself - organic and super tasty! I made the most delicious onion bread the other day and also a sundried tomato and black olive bread - just HEAVEN! Didn't get to eat too much of it though as it all got eaten so quick!
Will be posting some piccies soon of all my new things I can make with my KitchenAid - Yah I know its no different than a handheld whisk, but it just looks so much nicer!

Hope you all are having a good week!

Emmaline xx

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