Sunday 14 September 2014

Grow your own!

Can I say that there is nothing that I find more satisfying than growing my own vegetables. They taste super fresh and can be so easy to do! I don't go in for anything that takes up too much of my time, so growing salad leaves and herbs is so so easy! All you need to do is sow your seeds and water them regularly - done!
As I do so many 'monster salads' to eat, along with lots of fresh side salads with dinner, I'm sure you can imagine how expensive it can be to keep buying bags of salads at £1-£2 a pop! I therefore decided to grow my own and it was so easy and so much fun watching the little shoots grow and now to turn into a big salad garden in such a little time!
Once they are ready to eat (maybe after about 2-3 weeks), I cut the leaves, fill the sink with water, wash them and then dry them in a salad spinner. I do this around once a week and usually pick enough to last me, but if I run out, I can just cut some more :)

I urge you to try a little bit of 'cut and come again' type gardening and then see where you go from there - you never know, you might turn into a bit of a green-finger!

So beautiful!


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