EATING OUT: The Garden Hale

EATING OUT: The Garden, Hale (

So, there are a few places that I'm addicted to. You know those places that you want to eat in so often that you feel a little embarrassed walking in again and again (possibly twice a week if not more!), well... that is The Garden in Hale, Cheshire.

The food is so so good! It's organic and super healthy. What I love so much about it is there, is the 'super-healthy' vegan options and also, they have the meaty feasts if you fancy that too. The staff are great and the restaurant is lovely. Definitely a place for you to check out if you've not been before.

My favs on the menu:
The Breakfast Jar - layers and layers of oats, avocado, banana, granola... oh yum!
The Soups - All of them taste so good, not had a bad one yet!
Veggie Sweet Potato Jacket - I'm salivating just thinking about it now ha ha!
I also love there hot tonics - I am well and I am awake!

(above: The yummy 'Breakfast Jar' and an 'I am well' tonic) 

(above: The yummy 'Breakfast Jar' and an 'I am awake' tonic) 

(above: Their gorgeous soups, Veggie Chilli Sweet Potato Jacket Potato and their gorgeous free infused waters) 

I hope you go and check them out, I love supporting local businesses!

Maybe I'll see you there!

Emmaline x 


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