My New Fav Foundation!

Wow! A post that is not about food!! ha ha!

Today I'm going to do a post on my new favourite thing! My makeup!

Being a facialist, I do get to see a lot of people's skins - pretty close up too! A lot of my clients come to me straight from work or after being out somewhere and usually have a full face of makeup on - to which I then remove and make their skin look radiant! Obviously! ;) he he

What I seem to find is that when you look at foundation close up, a lot of them are 'visible on the skin'. I know you're thinking well 'duh!' obviously! but now you don't have to! Over the years I have changed my foundation quite a lot. I used to use a really heavy one when I was younger as I felt I needed it to 'cover a multitude of sins' on my face, but what I found is that it almost made my skin look worse. As I've got older and formulations of foundations have changed I find myself buying lighter and lighter ones. Up to the point of pre-New York when I religiously used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I love this foundation and I think I will still use it now and again when the urge hits, but I have moved on... to something amazing!

Whilst in New York, I did a major Sephora haul and almost spent all my holiday money in there *cringes* but it was so worth it! What I did buy - on an impulse though, was the Urban Decay Naked Foundation. I have been talking about these types of foundations for quite some time to my clients but have yet to find one I really liked. One that gave enough coverage but was almost invisible on the skin - but I have found it!

When I say 'invisible', it doesn't mean that after putting on your makeup you still look like you're bare faced, it just means that it gives your complexion an even colour, glazes over blemishes and brightens dark circles - it is subtle, VERY SUBTLE! I find this the best type of foundation though, even if you have a lot of blemishes, I think it is better to give the skin a natural glow and then pin-point conceal any pimples or marks. It then deceives the eye to thinking the skin is much clearer than caking on a load of heavy foundation which never looks natural. At the end of the day, foundation is not designed to cover everything, but instead even the skin colour out.

Why not try it for yourself, I've found it at a reasonable price at the moment on the Debenhams website. No, it is not a reasonably priced as the Healthy Mix Serum and if you don't want to spend too much on your foundation then the Bourjois is a great option at only £10.99, but if you fancy something different then maybe give it a try!

Let me know your thoughts too!

Emmaline x

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