Teriyaki Glazed Seabass and tender stem broccoli

A super quick and easy work night tea, I can have this on the table within 20 minutes of walking through the door. Add some peppers, carrots or any other veg that you fancy :)

Teriyaki Glazed Seabass and tender stem broccoli

2 pieces of boneless sea bass
1 tbsp. teriyaki marinade
1 tsp. chilli oil
1 tsp. golden syrup
Tender stem broccoli

1.       In a small re-sealable bag,  put in the fish and the teriyaki sauce and leave to marinade for around 10mins
2.       Preheat the grill to high
3.       Put a teaspoon of chilli infused olive oil into a fry pan and heat
4.       Put the sea bass under the grill skin side down and cook for 2 minutes
5.       Stir fry the broccoli for a minute or so
6.       Turn the fish over and drizzle a little golden syrup over the skin and put back under the grill for about 4 more minutes until skin is crispy
7.       Whilst the fish is cooking, add a teaspoon of boiled water to the pan – be careful it will sizzle

8.       On a plate serve the broccoli on the base and place the sea bass on top

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