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I'm guessing you have seen that for quite some time now, a lot of my instagram posts have been pictures of courgetti. I decided to do a post on it to show you how to make it as a simple, quick and easy lunch.

I have bought a couple of spiralizers in the past, but my favorite by far has to be the Hemsley and Hemsley one. I bought mine from Selfridges, but you can buy them off Amazon for quite a good price.

The great thing about courgetti (or rainbow spagetti) is you can eat it cooked or raw. I like it both ways to be honest. Obviously, its a lot quicker to prepare raw, but if you wish to have it cooked, then just heat a little oil in the fry pan and fry the courgetti for a few minutes until it's warmed through. Then just stir through a pesto sauce or add to the pan a pasta sauce. My favorite way is to have it raw with a gluten-free and dairy free pesto stirred through and then added to a bed of rocket. You can then serve it with whatever you fancy, meatballs, fish, veggies. It's entirely up to you!

Why not make a salad with some nice veggies and courgetti

The awesome Hemsley Hemsley spiralizer

Why not just stir some pesto straight into the raw courgetti for a quick, easy lunch

I love to make my own pesto at home, but when I don't have time this is my 'go-to' pesto from the supermarket. Pesto usually contains parmesan cheese, but as I'm dairy free at the moment I'm avoiding cheese altogether. This is a great alternative and you don't miss the cheese in it either

Happy spiralizing guys! :)

Emmaline x


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