Monday 13 April 2015

Launching T S U I apothecary

EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'm so excited to launch a new line of products in the clinic!
Please meet.... (drum roll please...)

T S U I apothecary!!!

It's a new range of products including natural carrier oils, pure essential oils and hand poured, soy wax candles with natural essential oils. My candles also have wooden wicks which give a gorgeous 'crackle' noise as they are burning.

All the carrier oils have natural properties which may help to treat skin conditions, soften hair and moisturise the skin. You can use the pure essential oils to use in oil burners, put in the bath, blend your own products plus much more.

Please visit the website and use this discount code :BLOGGER10 to receive 10% discount throughout the store until the 30th of April!

Happy shopping everybody!

Emmaline x


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