EATING OUT: Australasia

This is one of my favourite places to eat some yummy Japanese style food in Manchester. Gorgeous environment, great tunes and stunning but simple decor... what more would you want when you're eating out.

As you might be aware I'm not eating meat or dairy at the moment but even so, I can still make the most of this place as they have some great veggie options plus I'm eating a little fish now so sushi is a great option for me :)

I've been so many times in the past so I've been trying to dig out some pics that I've taken but I can't seem to find too many sorry!

My favourite dishes are the edamame beans, black cod and definitely their sweet miso aubergine dish - oh it is just heaven! (if you like aubergines that is!) Their soft shell crab tempura is pretty awesome too! Well, most of the things on the menu! ha ha! We had some weird lemongrass and ginger tea soft shell crab last time - hmmm... not really a fan! It's tempura soft shell crab with hot lemongrass and ginger tea poured on it - I like the concept but the crab batter went soggy instantly so I ended up picking mushy bits of batter off it - meh! Even so, I still adore crab so I could cope ;)

Tuna and Salmon Sushi, Vegetable Tempura & Tempura Squid

Aubergines, Asparagus & Cured Salmon


Food was so yummy! Unfortunately I didn't get to eat too much of the panna cotta but the pink grapefruit sorbet that came with it was super delish!

Hope you enjoyed my post, highly recommend this place if you're in town and fancy a bit of Japanese food. The service is great, the food is fresh and the place is beautiful - What more can I ask!

Emmaline x


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