LITTLE GEMS: Food, Skincare & Yoga = Good Times!

Ok, so this has been another mad, mad, crazy week! Today (as in Sunday) was my final event of the year at the clinic (I've done 3 in the past couple of weeks!) so hopefully life can get back to being a little more 'normal' - whatever that is! I hope you had a great week, this was mine...

Still slightly obsessed with this crunchy quinoa I made the other week with nuts and seeds. It was so delicious I've been using it on everything. It's so yummy as a breakfast with granola and some extra 'superfoods'. Here I had it with blueberries, chia seeds, cacao, bee pollen and Coyo yoghurt. It might look like the forrest food, but it was delicious!

Christmas is here and so is my tree! I love a real tree and I've even managed to make some little gingerbread biscuits to go on the tree too! It smalls amazing and is so cosy when all the lights are on. The only problem is, I think my cat believes he should be on the tree too! I keep catching him either playing with a gingerbread or a bauble like its a punch bag! ha ha!

Took an afternoon off this week to go shopping with one of my besties. Had such a great time too! We had a very late lunch in San Carlo Grand Cafe in Selfridges. I sweat this aubergine sandwich is to die for! My friend had the prawn and fish cakes which she said were delish too!

So, I'm not a big 'selfie' person much. I do them now and again, but here is little me all dolled up for an event I did at the clinic this week. My team and I put on a skin analysis event, showing clients their skins in depth using the skin scanner. It was such a success and everybody worked so so hard. For all the people who asked about my outfit, it is a jumpsuit from Boohoo. It was so comfy! Click here for the link. I don't know how many they have left in stock, but it's gorgeous for the party season! I'm not very big on fashion, but I love it so much. I'm going to try in the new year to be 'stylish' at least one day a week. Will try and do some outfit posts and maybe you guys can come along for the journey. I'm always trying to learn about fashion, but I just never feel very brave with it. I always find myself in comfy casuals and I want it to change! So, watch this space guys...!

It wouldn't be a normal week without a portion of avo toast for brekkie! I had it 3 times this week, I think I need to admit I'm an addict! ha ha!

Another place that I'm sure you see so much... Victors! I do love this place and I must go nearly every week. What can I say??? The flamed salmon roll is too good to miss! Above is the salt and pepper squid and asparagus.

Then the salt and pepper black cod rolls. I've never had these before but they were really good!

Finally, the pièce de résistance - The flamed salmon roll! Tah Dah! Amazing!

Plus seriously, look at these decorations! It's so stunning, certainly puts my house to shame ha ha!

Lunch with hubs on Saturday at the fab Altrincham Market. I had the usual aubergine and tofu rice bowl from Wolfhouse Kitchen and hubs had the spiced Korean chicken one. He said his was delicious too. 

I LOVE these bowls so so much. Sometimes they do a little overkill on the sauce on the rice, but other than that I can't complain. I think I could eat this every day ha ha!

Saturday dinner at home with my man. I can't claim to have really 'cooked' this. I was in a super lazy mood, so we had an M & S dine in for Two. These are such good value for money as well. We had 2 veggie pies (which may I add tasted so good!), roasted Mediterranean vegetables and then I just cooked some kale and beans. We also go 2 bottle of non-alcoholic plonk and a dessert too. You really can't complain at these prices - £10 for the 3 dishes and drinks!!

Then today here is a picture of myself and Adele (who is my amazing yoga teacher with a heart of actual GOLD) before our facial yoga event. It was so so much fun and it was our second one this year. So proud of us Adele :) Next one will hopefully be in the Spring, an hour longer and with a bit more advanced yoga and facials! Can't wait!

The little yoga studio before the fun began :)

I came home to an amazing dinner cooked by my hubby! Loving Sunday nights with my little chef he he! We had aubergine and potato curry. It was amazing too! Plus super hearty and warming as well, so bloomin' cold outside!

Finally, I will end on this. Look at this beautiful sunset tonight, I actually stood at the window for ages just watching it. It's pretty mesmerising! This is without any filters or anything! What a stunning view outside my window - #Blessed :o)

I hope you all have a wonderful week. It's getting closer and closer to Christmas too now and I'm so excited!!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big Love,

Em x

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