LITTLE GEMS: Getting VERY Festive!

Hello! How are you all? Merry Christmas! Oh my, I'm so excited for next week :) How was your week? I had another crazy one again - which is amazing, but I am really looking forwards to next weekend and a little break.
I decided to give my tree a little more oomph, so Mamma Tsui helped me add a few extras on my tree and now it's looking very festive indeed!

I don't think you can have a Christmas tree without Christmas biscuits! They make the tree smell amazing!

Delicious breakfast this week with some leftover kale, sourdough bread and a poached egg. I have started eating eggs now around twice a week as I did really miss them when I changed my diet. They are also super convenient too. For me, they are more of a Winter breakfast as Summer is all about smoothies and acai bowls.


Wednesday night is usually carb night. This for me is the ultimate comforting and carbalicious food - Pasta with homemade basil dressing, peas, courgettes and beans. This is heaven after a long day!

I swear it tastes a lot better than it looks ha ha!

So... The Con Club. I've wanted to try this place since it opened and so on Friday I decided to just bob in. I hadn't booked and it was a lunchtime. I was about to do some last bits of my Christmas shopping and I fancied some sushi - so I gave it a go. I am going to do a full post on this place, so I won't give too much away - let's just say the sushi was goood!!

Fav place as usual, lunch at The Greenhouse with hubs. Ok, so it might look a little like a cheese fest - and I guess it was! Stuffed potato skin, oat pancakes with spinach (sounds gross - tastes life changing!!) Plus a big mix of salads too - Happy days!

Big home cooked dinner on Saturday with the family. I know the presentation isn't perfect, but this is proper home cooking and my oh my it was good! Vegetable pie, roasted Mediterranean veggies, roasted sprouts and some good old mashed potato. So maybe I lied earlier, I think this is the ULTIMATE comfort food!

Sunday morning breakfast. The best omelette ever! Made with sweet potato and last night's roasted veg (minus the sprouts of course), then wrapped in a warm tortilla and toasted under the grill. This keeps me full till lunchtime and it tastes amazing!

Finally, dinner tonight at the Stockyard in Hale. Two mega burgers! The type that are so big you can't even take a proper bite ha ha. I had the veggie burger called 'Half Way To Vegan' which is a bean burger with halloumi and peppers, salad etc. Hubs had the chicken burger called Los Pollos which was nice and tasty too he says. We shared the 'wet fries' (fries with gravy - amazing!) and sweet potato fries which are uber crispy too. I am sooo full right now. Not complaining though, I'm always happy with a full belly!

I hope you all had a great week. We're on countdown now boys and girls - embrace it! Christmas is coming!!

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x


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