EATING OUT: Bakchich Manchester

Ok, so I love this place! Good start right! Do you like veggie food? Yes?? Then this is a great place. Plenty of veggie options available and the food is fab! There... review done! ha ha! Seriously though, I've been here a couple of times now and actually really enjoyed my meal. Was it all perfect? No, it wasn't. Some things I wouldn't order again, but at the same time there are things that I loved. Why not have a nosey through the pics of this crazy decor... yes, it will trip your eyes out ha ha!

I should start by saying that this place is a Lebanese style cuisine. So think falafels, pitta breads, hummus, kebabs etc. For the meat eaters out there, there are loads of meaty options don't worry! Above is their homemade lemonade and their Lebanese tea. The tea is lovely with rose and cardamon, right up my street!

I love how rustic everything is, plus it's super chilled. Don't be putting on your Sunday best here, it's more of a chilled vibe. Super casual, eat with your hands kind of place - my fav!

Here are some of the starters we had (please note that these pics span 2 visits, we didn't order all that food in one sitting ha ha!). Fattoush salad, spicy potatoes, falafel, hummus, pitta and soujoc sausage (that's meat btw!)

Fattoush Salad

Batata Harra, Falafel, Soujoc, Hummus

Then came the mains, so we've had 2 types when we went. Wraps and then more of a 'main' type dish. This is the halloumi and tomato wrap which was really good.

Halloumi & Tomato Bakchich Wrap

Lebanese Moussaka

Falafel & Fattoush Salad

So, top right is the zaatar and halloumi Lebanese pizza. To be honest, I wouldn't order this again as it didn't have much flavour. That doesn't mean the others are not great, just this was a bit meh!

So it's all a little bit feast like if you know what I mean. I love having lots of dishes to share in the middle of the table and then you can just pick and choose what you fancy. Check out the menu here
As much as I love this style of food, I don't want to eat it all the time and so we have this type of food maybe once a month? It's nice for a change though and if you can't get a table in le comptoir libanais and you fancy something a little different, then this place is definitely worth a shot. It's not usually crazy busy and so it's good for a last minute meal. Check it out if you're in town and fancy something a bit different. I hope you enjoy :)

Oh and plus, they are doing an Iftar special at the moment as it's the month of Ramadan, so if you have been fasting, it might be a nice option to open you fast here!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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