Sunday 4 June 2017

LITTLE GEMS: Just A Mini One - The Greenhouse & Lymm Lounge


Welcome back! I hope you're well :)

It's just a mini one I'm afraid this week. I've not really been out eating anywhere special or eating anything too fancy at home. Just lots of the same I guess, but I've had a great week though!

So this was a new smoothie bowl that I created. Really simple but it tasted great, actually it was really creamy. This is made from banana and mango and oats - plus a little bit of almond milk too. Yummy!

Tuesday I made a super tasty dinner. Teriyaki salmon, broccoli and noodles. It was so so quick but it was really good.

This is my kind of 'go-to' meal when I get home late. Noodles can cook in 3 mins, I can fry the veggies in a few minutes and then I usually top it with either fish or veggie dumplings.

Then I decided to take it back to the old school and make an overnight oats with chia seeds. So much so I made another one the day after! These are so creamy and it's like having a dessert for breakfast, except it's good for you he he!

This is the second one I made which was even tastier! I added fresh mango too which was like the icing on the cake :)

Friday lunchtime I went to the Greenhouse for my fav salad selection.

Then to one of my fav places for dim sum on Saturday - Glamorous! We went for the deep fried squid, Portugese tarts, satay squid and mooli cakes.

All my favourite dishes :)

Then a sneaky stop off at Krispy Kreme! I don't eat a lot of junk food at all, but now and again I will treat myself. This weekend I've had pizza, a fizzy drink and half a donut. Is it the end of the world? No, not at all! I think it's so important to have that balance in life. I try and eat as well as I can during the week and then if I want to treat myself at the weekend I will - and not feel bad about it either!

Then this morning I needed a big breakfast as I had a full day at the clinic. I decided on the usual omelette with potatoes and peppers on some sourdough toast. I was amazing! I don't know why it tasted better than usual, but I really enjoyed it!

Finally, I had dinner with my family tonight at Lymm Lounge in... well Lymm ha ha! This is actually a really nice local Chinese restaurant if you don't fancy venturing out into town. We had some vegetables, prawns, beef (for the boys!) and a sea bass (I decided not to put the pic of the fish on as it was proper Chinese style - head and all!).

I'm now sat watching the One Love concert slightly teary eyed. 

I hope you're all well and have not been affected by the London attacks either.

Sending out all my love to anybody who has been affected by these horrid atrocities... 

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x


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