LITTLE GEMS: Smoothie Monday?

Wow! What a busy week I have had! I managed to finally launch my new website for the clinic! Wahoo! If you're interested, please click to check it out. I've been working really hard on in it so I hope you like it. 
I've also launched a new blog on the website too - all beauty and skincare related so maybe hop along and have a read - but not before you have read this one ;)

How has your week been? Schools are nearly back (if not already) and the roads are still semi-quiet which is nice. Did you go away anywhere nice?

Did a bit of naughty baking this week! Check this out - my lemon curd pavlova! Well, I say mine but really it's one of my 'Simply Nigella' recipes! Her food is amazing and I seem to just love her recipes. So, there is literally nothing healthy about this recipe its mostly made up of eggs, sugar and cream! Oh dear ha ha! Was super delicious though - I kinda scraped all the cream off mine as dairy doesn't suit my tummy. I guess the lemon curd (which I made myself) has maybe some vitamins in? The flaked almonds do too - does that make it good?? ha ha! Either way, it went down a treat! Yum!

 So, with all the 'guilt' from my slice of pavlova, I decided on Thursday morning to make some oat cookies. I kinda had a play with the recipe myself and made it up as I went along. These are dairy, sugar and gluten free cookies - also vegan too! Finally, the balance is restored! They were nearly as delicious as my pavlova actually and I could eat a couple without the guilt! Will post the recipe up soon for these :)

I know some bloggers all go on about 'Smoothie Sundays', but why not have a 'Smoothie Monday'? Start the week as you mean to go on and get some vitamins in your body after the weekend of indulgence. I know green smoothies are not to everybody's taste, but if you start simple and then add more greens gradually you shouldn't notice the difference. I personally can't taste a handful of spinach in my smoothie so why not try it for a change. One of the easiest ways to have a quick breakfast is to prep your smoothies in advance and make small sandwich bags up of your fruit and vegetables and stick them in the freezer. Then all you need to do is blend it up with a little almond milk or water and oats and you have got yourself a nice, quick and filling brekkie! - Plus you're only 2 mins away from an afternoon snack!

It certainly is!

Saturday lunch at The Garden in Hale. Sweetcorn and chickpea burger with parsnip fries! Yummy!

Delicious lunch at Victors in Hale with one of my besties for her birthday! Love a bit of a sushi lunch! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I spent mine cooking, eating, working and seeing family and friends - pretty much all my favourite things in life!

Thanks so much for reading

I hope you have a great week!

Emmaline x


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