LITTLE GEMS: Sunday Funday

Another week has gone by and oh my, its April already! Seriously how fast is this year going! I know we always say it every year, but it's true - this year is flying!

So, how has your week been? I've been super busy in the clinic this week which is good, got a couple of little gems that I saw this week too. I hope you all had a good week and have had a nice weekend. Especially with it being a short week too - I love a Monday off - but really... who doesn't!

Friday night was homemade veggie burger night and sweet potato fries. These were seriously yummy! I will put the recipe up soon. I made them using black beans so they actually looked like burgers too - no freaky brown or green colour ha ha (I made homemade guacamole too - that's what the green stuff is!)

So, I ended up making 6 burger patties and we could only eat 4, but Mr Squirrel seemed to enjoy them on Saturday morning!

Bit of bird watching ha ha!

Saturday morning breakfast! Can't beat a good omelette for hubby and I

Yummy omelette with a slice of sourdough - You have to add fresh coriander to it, the freshness just makes it!

I don't think I can do a Little Gems post without this little guy

Can't beat a good #SmoothieSunday - felt like I needed some extra nutrients so today I added banana, maca powder, frozen berries, spinach, frozen mango, oats, organic and vegan protein powder, nut butter and a date. Seriously gave me a good kick up the ass! I don't usually recommend a smoothie with so many sugary fruits, but sometimes you just need it!

Feeling a little under the weather today, sometimes only mash potato and gravy will do! ha ha! You know that feeling - this was so yum!

I hope you all had a good week and have enjoyed a bit of sunshine where ever you maybe. Have a lovely week people!

Emmaline x


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