Sunday 6 November 2016

LITTLE GEMS: Bring on the Bonfire!

So I've had a week of lots of big breakfasts! Most of them have been eaten out too! I started the week going for a quick breakfast with hubs in Gastronomy. I love their porridge there, like really really love it. I order it with soya milk and honey and it also comes with walnuts too! Excellent brain food! Yummy!

Yummy Gastronomy Porridge

Then, I met my Mamma for lunch in my usual spot... The Garden of course! I live on their soup everyday. I swear if you squeeze me too hard soup will come out ha ha! This was their root vegetable soup with dill dressing - delicious!

Yummy with sourdough bread :)

Then, I managed to find myself back in here again this week ha ha! Met up with hubs for lunch after a long day of taking lots of pictures of my new product ranges - super excited about these! Hubs went for the halloumi wrap.

I went for the soup - just for a change ha ha!

Then Friday night at Bowdon Bonfire! I have never been so wet in my life! I was so excited to go as I love Bonfire night, but I swear I was drenched down to my underwear! - No jokes guys!! Had a fab night though all the same.

Saturday morning I cooked breakfast for hubs. I made him an omelette with veggies and beans.

I ventured out to Victors for a sushi hit with Mamma before a few hours of shopping. We had a couple of sushi rolls, sashimi and also vegetable tempura. My Fav!

Saturday night we went for a yummy burger at Byron. I went for the bean burger and hubs had the 'Clucky Balboa' ha ha! Love that name - basically a chicken burger!

Extremely filling breakfast this morning of mushrooms, beans and a poached egg. I try not to have too many eggs anymore. A few years ago I could eat around 6 eggs a week, but now I try to eat no more than 2. Ideally I wouldn't have any, but they are super easy breakfast foods and are also very filling. I just try to have them not too well done so I can digest them easier. I learnt the other day that they use egg albumen in super glue because it's so strong - so you can imagine they are pretty hard for the body to digest when they are hard boiled.

Then, finally tonight we went for a roast dinner at Evelyn's. I've not had a roast here before but it was seriously good! I had the veggie option which was a kind of pie and hubs had the beef. Super tasty and filling!

Then for dessert...

I wanted to try the vegan dessert which was a cashew and berry pud. DEVINE!

So, I can say it's been a good week in my world of food! Lots of eating tasty meals out and also lots of work in the clinic!

I hope you had a good week too. Hope you had a great Bonfire Night and your pets (if you have them) were ok!

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x


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