Sunday 27 November 2016

LITTLE GEMS: Piccolinos, The Little Window, San Carlo and Fox Hale Barns!

So, I have been a little MIA again last week. I think I'm going to stop saying I'm going to post more because it seems to act as some kind of sod's law! I say I do and then I get so busy in the clinic I literally run out of time! Anyhoo... I can only apologise for that, but here are some lickle piccies of my food journeys from this week...

The sexiest avocado on toast before my big evening on Wednesday. So, I did an event with The Garden in Hale to launch my new range of Aromatherapy products called Tsui Apothecary (check out to learn more). It was such a fun night. I was teaching everybody how to blend the different essential oils from the range into carrier oil blends. It was so much fun! We all had a play at making our own body care products too!

Here is the lavender and rose bath soak we made. So pretty!

Making up all the goodie bags! This took me nearly 2 hours!!

Ta Dah! My full range of products, I'm so proud of them :)

Just before all our guests arrived! We put on all the fairy lights and had a gorgeous little playlist on too which was super chilled.

Mixing Time!

So, after all the excitement on Wednesday night, I needed to have a little chill time too! Friday lunchtime after yoga, I went to Alty market with my Mamma. We took Dex with us and had a super tasty butternut squash and coriander soup from The Little Window. Yum yum yum!

Dex will only sit on our knees ha ha! It's quite good I guess as he blends in with the flooring so people can quite easily trip over him  - bless! He loves it there!

Spiced plum and pear hot tonic! Smelt and tasted like Christmas 😃

Then I was wined and dined on Friday night by hubby! We went to Piccolinos in Alderley Edge. This was such a great meal! We decided to order a few different dishes instead of one each and share. It worked so well! We had (my all time fav) butternut squash ravioli, aubergine layer bake, giant king prawns, courgette fries and broccoli. Such a fab idea as we got to try lots of dishes instead of just one!

After a LOT of thought, we ended up with a chocolate fondant pudding - What can I say, you can't really go wrong with this if you're a choccie fan. Yes it was amazing and yes I would have it again!

I don't think I could eat a whole one of these though! Definitely a sharing thing - unless your chocolate crazy! ha ha!

We carried on with the Italian theme on Saturday and went to San Carlo in Selfridges for lunch (the one downstairs!) I love this sandwich, it's a bit naughty as it has cheese on it, but my oh my it's good. I had the roasted veggie sandwich on ciabatta and hubs had the chicken schnitzel. I even pushed the boat out with fries instead of salad - I felt like I needed it - it was bloody cold on Saturday!

Then, off to the Christmas Markets...


Christmas is not Christmas to me without getting pushed and shoved around the Manchester Christmas Markets. I didn't make it last year and I was so disappointed! I even got my token hot roasted chestnuts - this actually made my day. They are a pain to peel and you end up losing half on the floor, oh and also burnt and blackened fingers - but so worth it!


I couldn't resist these - I had to buy!

Chinese dinner on Saturday night cooked by yours truly! First course was stir fried chopped veggies with Chinese Shitake Mushrooms. Once cooked you wrap it in a lettuce leaf and drizzle over some dressing, then apply to face! Amazing!


Them for mains we had steamed sea bass with ginger, coriander and spring onion and also some pak choy vegetables with boiled rice. This is comfort food for me at it's finest, takes me back to being a child at my grandparents - good times!

My macaroons! I opted for 2 rose, 1 white chocolate and 1 caramel - they were so delicious!

Big Sunday morning brekkie before work. I had a roasted potato omelette with peppers and coriander.

I like to add harissa spices to the veggies whilst they are cooking to give it extra flavour!

Daily drug taking at the moment. Skin Vits for my multivitamin and bio glucan to help my immune system stay on track!

Veggie Sunday lunch at Fox in Hale Barns - with the biggest Yorkshire pudding ever may I add!

Then tonight I made the most delicious plum crumble ever! I only used coconut sugar to sweeten it and made a crumble topping out of chopped almonds and oats with coconut oil, cinnamon and maple syrup. I can't tell you how good this was! Plus it's a nice light and healthy version! I serve it with soya milk ice cream.

Definitely having some of this for breakfast I think with a dollop of Coyo. Actually a little excited already! ha ha!

How was your week? I hope yours was not as crazy as mine!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big Love,

Em x

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