Tuesday 13 January 2015

January Offer!

Its January and were all well... a bit short of cash right? All that eating and drinking can really play havoc on our skin and also our health! Towards the end of last year I decided to invest in a fabulous skin supplement range called Advanced Nutrition Programme. These products are skin specific so they are designed so show results in the skin! BUT, when you are using supplements at this optimum level (not RDAs - way way higher!!) you see fab results, not just in your skin but your overall health!

Collagen Boosting supplements, vitamin A and antioxidants, weight-loss supplements, acne supplements, Skin Omegas (which are like edible moisturisers! - Great for eczema and psoriasis!) and the BEST EVER multi-vitamin - which for me actually changed my life!! Plus loads more!

I decided to put an offer on in the salon for 20% off these AMAZING vitamins, if you're interested then please contact me via email at emmalinetsui@hotmail.co.uk as this is in-store only and not on-line.

I really can't explain how much these vitamins have changed my life! I always used to feel quite sluggish, even when I'm eating as well as I try to do, I still struggled and felt very tired towards the end of the day, now I'm just bouncing off the walls! I have so much more energy and really feel great! I have so many success stories from clients and it's given me so much confidence in them! I highly suggest you try them - especially whilst they're on offer!

Contact me for more details - emmalinetsui@hotmail.co.uk

As much as I hate that cheesy phrase 'New Year, New You' its so bloody true! It's time guys! Let's Go!!

Lots of love

Emmaline x


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