RECIPE: Nut Butter

Oh my god! I'm actually shocked that I haven't posted a recipe yet for nut butter! I have a serious addiction to this stuff I'm afraid to say, it's actually quite scary ha ha!

Porridge with caramelised bananas and nut butter

To be fair there is not really much of a recipe, its a case of just blitzing them up but I will go through it with you in any case.

Nut butters are so useful, they can be added, spread or drizzled on to pretty much anything. Here is a list of some ideas that I like to use them for...

  • Adding to smoothies
  • Spreading on toast
  • Having as a snack - literally as a spoonful!
  • Spread onto a sliced banana
  • Fill some dates with it
  • Drizzle onto porridge
  • Add to pancakes
  • Add to acai bowls
  • Drizzled on top of a 'love bowl' or chia seed puddings
The options are endless! Plus it's super easy to make too. You ideally need a powerful blender though so either a Magimix or a Vitamix. I'm not too sure if it works with a nutribullet as I don't think it's powerful enough - please don't break your blender by trying either!

So, this is how I do it...


1 x cup of nuts (this is your choice - what ever you like! Almonds, brazils, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts etc etc. You can mix them too, I love almond and cashew blend)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder (optional)

sprinkle of salt

  • Toast the nuts either in a dry pan, under the grill or in the oven - just be careful not to burn them! Nobody likes the taste of burnt nut butter!
  • Allow them to cool slightly and then add to the food processor
  • Blitz the nuts on full power for a couple of minutes and then with the motor still running, add the vanilla and salt.
  • Continue to blitz, like for 10-15 minutes - yes it gives you a headache!
  • Stop every 5 mins or so to scrape down the sides (and give your head a break from the noise ha ha) with a spatula and continue to process
  • You want a running, creamy consistency. Don'y give up as soon as it starts to come together, allow it a few more minutes to really go runny - it's worth it!
  • Spoon the butter into a sterile jar with an airtight lid ideally and use within the month. 
I like store mine at room temperature. I've seen lots of blog posts saying keep it in the fridge, don't keep it in the fridge, use it within a week or use it within 3 months! So, for me I like to make only a small batch and then I know I can use it up quickly. Use your own knowledge, if it smells like it has gone rancid then don't eat it! I've used mine though up to 3 months after and it still has been ok, just keep it out of the sun.

And voila! We have nut butter!

I do need to add though, nut butter is not the 'healthiest' thing in the world! Yes it's just pretty much nuts - which are good for you! They also contain lots of good fats that your body needs - but please don't go overboard, especially if you are trying to loose weight.

I usually have around a tablespoon of it per day some way or another. Almonds are so good for the skin I really believe that they have helped to clear it up - but just don't be downing half a jar as a 'healthy snack' - you know who you are ha ha!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Emmaline x


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