EATING OUT: How To Order Chinese Food Like A Pro!


Happy Chinese New Year! For those of you who are not aware, today we are celebrating the Year of the Rooster!

I'm not sure if you will be celebrating out in a Chinese restaurant, at home with a home-cooked meal or not at all. If you do decide to go out to eat, why not try this way of ordering Chinese food...

It can be quite daunting going out to eat in a restaurant that you are not too sure of the menu. Some things might sound a bit weird or you just don't understand what they actually are. The way Chinese eat though is usually by sharing dishes. It frustrates me when I go to a Chinese restaurant and I hear people ordering 2 portions of chicken fried rice and two portions of sweet and sour. It should always all be shared between the table and that way you get to try different plates and also, your taste buds have a little party in your mouth!

So, here are my top tips for eating out. Obviously this is just the way my family and I like to eat, but for me it gives us the biggest range of flavours and foods.

  • Always order a range of dishes, not one each but enough to share. If there are 4 of you, then maybe around 3-4 dishes plus rice
  • Always have one plate that has a sweet flavour to it. e.g. sweet chilli, sweet and sour, Cantonese sauce etc. This helps to bring out the flavours of the other dishes. Never have just a sweet portion of something to yourself.
  • Try and order one plate of green vegetables. Chinese veg is always the best. Either pak choi (best with garlic sauce), gai lan (always best with ginger sauce), choi sum etc if not, maybe a plate of mixed vegetables?
  • Going for Dim Sum? Have this for lunch. It's like a tapas style way of eating, so it means that you have lots of little dishes to share between you all.
  • Maybe try having some Chinese tea with your meal. I like Po Nee or Jasmine tea. Some people like Oolong Tea as well but I find this a bit bitter. Tea is perfect to eat with Chinese food as it helps to digest your meal better than a soda!

This is obviously just how I eat Chinese food, I know everybody likes to do it differently. For me though, this is one of the most authentic ways to eat it.

I hope you have a lovely Chinese New Year whatever you are doing. I wish you all health, prosperity and lots of happiness.

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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