LIFESTYLE: How you can make your life a little more 'HYGGE'

So, let's begin this chat with the new buzzword of the moment - 'Hygge'. What is it? What does it mean?

Well, that's the thing, we don't know. Well we kind of do, but we just don't have a translation for it. Hygge (pronounced HUE-gah) is the Danish word to represent that 'mmmm' feeling you get from all the little things in life. Imagine sitting down with a good book, with the fire on and candlelight surrounding you. You've got a nice, warm mug of some hot chocolate or a cup of tea. You're super thick, cosy socks are covering your toes and then the blanket is over your lap. There's a big stew in the oven waiting to be shared with all your family and friends and you are feeling rather smug about it! That to me, is what I get the impression Hygge is. That kind of 'aaaaahh' moment and you know what, it's just what the world needs in January, when the world outside (at least from where I'm sitting) looks like a wet, grey flannel. So grab your cosy socks, pop the kettle on and get a nice, snug blanket and let me begin...

After doing some research, I have found that these are the main things you need to do to get some more comfort in your life.


Candles are such a big part of Hygge. They can transform that cool, crisp room into something that is so much more cosy. They soften the lighting and make the room smell amazing too! Why not treat yourself to some of my candles from Amy Evelyn. They are all made with soy wax and have a natural wooden wick to create a lovely 'crackle' sound when they burn - how very hygge of you! ( candles start from £32)


Make your space super cosy with some nice and warm fabrics, rugs, blankets etc. Anything that can give you a snuggly feel will give you that warmth.


Don't feel that you need to splash out on an expensive new piece for your home. Why not make yourself something that smells amazing such as a bath or body oil. They are so simple to make, why not have a look at my recipe page on the Tsui Apothecary blog. I've put a few recipes up (plus will have some more coming soon) about how to make your own! ( oils start from as little as £5!)

Yes we've just spent a lot of time with friends and family last month, but why not keep it going! Why not get your fav people over to have a 'Hygge Evening'. Everybody can bring their cosy slippers, put a lovely film on the tv and cook a nice easy stew to share amongst yourselves.


Hygge is all about switching off and refocusing the mind. Why not put your phone onto airplane mode after a certain time so you can't get disturbed. Instead, put your time into something else such as baking, yoga, meditating or taking up a hobby.


I have spent my whole career trying to create a hygge environment for all my clients. My treatment room is warm and cosy, with furry blankets, a comfy bed, beautifully scented candles and soft, calming music. If your life at home is a little too whirling at the moment, then why not treat yourself to some well-being. Go to your local spa or salon and have a lovely treatment - or better still, come and visit me at the clinic.

To celebrate a hygge January, I have extended some little love across all my sites. Just use the code 'HYGGE' to get free delivery between now and the end of January. We could all do with a little more in our lives, so why not take it where you can.

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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