RECIPE: Ginger Shots

Ok, ok, this is hardly a recipe I know. For the last few weeks though I've been obsessed with all things ginger related. I swear this stuff is magic when you're not well. The warmth it gives to your body is incredible!

Ginger is famous for its role in helping the digestive system. It is known to reduce nausea but can also be used to help fight cold and flu symptoms. I always drink ginger ale when I travel because it really helps my travel sickness. It's almost become a security blanket for me on flights and woe betide any airline that is out of stock of it! (Needless to say, I'm not the best flyer to say the least!). Next time you're flying and you feel groggy, get yourself a ginger ale. For me I swear it gets rid of any sickness.

Anyhoo, I'm getting distracted! Let's get onto these ginger shots! I first came across these when I read about juicing and juice cleansing. I think they were a bit of a 'trend' food after the whole 'wheatgrass' shot phase, but for some reason these have stuck... the wheatgrass not so much. The funny thing is though, I never braved one. I'd seen them about in different health food shops but they looked a bit too advanced for me (if you get my drift), but then the flu came! I know I've been winging on and on about this, but it really made me think about how to look after myself more. When I finally had the energy, I made it to The Garden in Hale and had a super delicious lunch and an 'I Am Well' tonic. I then did it... I asked for a ginger shot! It was quite funny, I took it with me when I left and finally plucked up the courage to knock it back whilst in the car. WOWSERS! That is some serious heat! You will never guess what though... it stopped my cough! I had the worse sore throat (when it actually hurts to swallow and it feels like some kind of cheese grater down there!) and the warmth from the ginger completely stopped the pain. Ok, it didn't last all day by any means, but it gave me some serious relief for a good hour or so afterwards. Since then I've become an addict!

You can of course make these shots at home if you wish. You can just buy some mini bottles like I do and then freeze them in batches. Or, you can buy them ready made. If you want a shot each morning, it can be a bit of a faff just juicing a small amount of ginger and lemon - but if you have the patience...

How to make it:

In a juicer, put in a large knob of ginger (good 1.5-2 inches) and 1 lemon (skin removed). You can also add 1/4 apple if you like to give it an extra bit of sweetness, but to be honest it's not going to be something that you sip, more knock back and get on with life!

I hope you feel the benefits as much as I have done. Try and have a shot each day in the morning to get you going.

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x

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