Sunday 16 February 2020

EATING OUT at Six By Nico, Joseph Benjamin plus home cooking and recipes too

Happy Valentine's Weekend! I hope if you've been celebrating then you've been spoilt rotten. 

I've been eating out at some fab places this week, including a couple of new places too. Have a read below of some great places for you to check out...

The first stop is Joseph Benjamin in Chester. What a lovely little bistro style restaurant for a Valentine's Evening. Lovely food, great service, great night! 

I believe it's the same owners as Porta in Altrincham and you can tell too. The food is packed full of flavour, I would highly recommend it. 

See the full menu here

(above) Burrata, blood orange, brussel sprout slaw, salsify crisps

Roast cauliflower cashew nut hummus, pickled golden raisins, smoked paprika oil

Braised beef feather blade bourguignon, roast shallot, olive oil mash, horseradish gremolata

Grilled aubergine, coconut & turmeric braised butterbeans, green tahini, puffed wild rice

Sides: Green salad, mustard dressing and Fried ratte potatoes with lemon, garlic & pink peppercorn butter.

Then, after months and months of waiting, I finally booked us a table at Six By Nico. I've wanted to go here for so long and so this was my Valentine's Day treat to hubby.

I think we picked a really great week to go to be honest as the menu was the 'Best of 2019'. I can't guarantee the food will always be this good but I really, really enjoyed it. Plus the price is amazing! £29 per head for six courses! 

SIX BY NICO - Spring Gardens, Manchester

Check out the latest menu here (it changes I believe every six weeks)

I went for the vegetarian menu, but the food is pretty similar to the normal menu anyway


Monte Enebro Bombas / Smoked Tomato Compote / Aioli


Thai Green Sauce / Charred Sweetcorn / Pickled Shimiji Mushroom


Aged Manchego / Fino Sherry / King Oyster Mushroom


Ricotta Agnolotti / Peperonata / Aubergine Caviar / Green Olive Salsa Verde


Sweet Potato / Papaya & Peanut Salad / Coriander Emulsion


Caramelia Chocolate Mousse / Orange Sorbet / Cocoa Nib

THE GREENHOUSE - Oxford Road, Altrincham

Mixed plate of 5 salads

The home cooking was taken to a whole new level this week! I decided to stuff this giant Butternut squash with rice, quinoa and buckwheat. Then made a herby, nut granola, peanut dressing and added feta, pomegranate seeds, za'tar and chopped coriander on top. 

It. Was. Epic!

Served with a dressed green salad

LUNCH - Salad blend with leaves, feta, pomegranate and prepared salads

I love to mix fresh salad leaves with prepared salads to make them go further (and taste better too!).
In this salad above, I added some feta and pomegranate seeds to some leaves and a superfood nut salad from M & S and a mixed bean salad from Sainsbury's. Then roasted a pepper in the air fryer and it was amazing! Super quick lunch and super easy!

My homemade sweet potato 'dirty fries'

Saturday night was burger night! I find I prefer to make my own burgers these days than have them out. I tend to enjoy them a bit more. My favourite burgers are the 'fake meat' ones. Yes they are full of soya but I just prefer the texture. Hubby prefers the mixed bean type ones but either way they're good!

Loaded chickpea and sweetcorn burger with all the trimmings!

Seriously... where do you even start! ha ha!

Madeira Cake - Nigella Lawson Recipe (recipe here)

Baked this delicious loaf on Saturday and it is one of my fav lemon Madeira cake recipes

Homemade Gluten Free and Dairy Free Waffles

We take Sunday breakfasts seriously in our house. This is a recipe from my Thermomix that I adapted to make it gluten and dairy free. These waffles are super lightweight and are basically like eating little puffs of wind ha ha!

I drizzled my waffles with coconut yoghurt, almond butter, maple syrup, raw cacao powder and icing sugar - and blueberries too of course!

If you want a similar recipe, here's one that I did over on my clinic blog

Well that's my little food journey for this week, I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Thank you so much for reading,

Em x


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