Eating out in SiAp Shop, Cocktails Beer Ramen + Bun, The Con Club plus matcha latte and quick salad recipes

Hi and welcome back to this week's post. I've not been out to too many places this week but I managed to try a couple of new places that I really enjoyed. Let's just get into it shall we...?

COCKTAIL BEER RAMEN + BUN - Northern Quarter, Manchester
See the menu here FYI the menu is bigger now than this but you can get a good idea

above (left) Cauliflower bun with pickles, (right) Crab Tonkotsu  - Ramen noodles with soft shell crab curry

So this was a new place that we decided to check out. Absolutely loved the food here and the staff were great. We had a couple of buns and a couple of bowls of ramen and shared them both. The far picture is the artichoke bun and also the vegetarian ramen with miso aubergine. 

I don't know if it's just me, but these little ramen places are popping up all over the show at the moment and I am certainly not complaining. I could eat soup noodles until I'm blue in the face I swear!

SiAP / SHOP - Northern Quarter
Instagram page here

above (left) Lemon Meringue Donut, (right) Original Glazed Donut

Well this was a nice little treat! This is such a cute little cafe which do the BEST donuts! All made on site each day too so once they're gone, they're gone!

Then today it was time for a classic Sunday roast. I love the Con Club for a good veggie roast. It's filling and tastes great too. Highly recommended if you fancy filling your belly on a Sunday (or any other day of the week for that matter!)

CON CLUB - Altrincham
above Vegetarian Sunday Roast

Apple Crumble with Creme Anglais (on the side)

For those of you who are weird like me, there is dried fruit in the crumble. I did know this in advance and managed to pick it all out. For those who know me will understand what a feat this was! If you don't know me, I can't do dried fruit in foods. Like CAN'T at all. I'm shuddering thinking about it! The crumble tasted great though, just had to give husband all the sultanas ha ha!

For a bit of home cooking this week, I made this great immune boosting drink. It's almost like a cordial that you can add to hot water to make a longer drink. See the full recipe here

I also made a delicious sweet potato, butternut squash and lentil stew. No fancy recipe really just fried some onions until brown in a cast iron pan. Then added chopped tomatoes, chopped red pepper, chopped butternut squash, chopped sweet potato, smoky vegetable stock pot (from Tesco - these are amazing!) and a teaspoon of a patatas bravas mix, hot water to cover and then a big scoop of red lentils. Let it cook for a few hours and it was done.

Great with a mix of brown and wild rice and super warming.

Then I wanted to show you how I make a super tasty lunch that's also really quick too. It's so easy, I tend to just buy some form of these three things - a bag of salad, some kind of protein (such a prawns, falafels, squid etc) and a salad mix such as the nutty one above and then just mix them altogether with an extra splash of EVOO and some black pepper and mixed seeds.

Its pretty big I know but I tend to eat large amounts at lunch. It is such a great way to get lots of flavours in without having to worry about cooking grains, cooking falafels/prawns etc and greens.

Can somebody please bring back crumpets. I mean I know we can buy them from the supermarket, but I feel that they are very underestimated, especially when it comes to brunch. You never get them in cafes for brunches anymore. What's the deal with that? They're so good!

This was simple and delicious. Two toasted crumpets with two poached eggs on top and some Chinese chilli oil.

Finally incase you haven't tried a matcha latte, this is how I make mine. Matcha is a great alternative to coffee as it provides a slow release of caffeine instead of that sudden spike and a huge crash a couple of hours later.

- heat up your milk in a frother (ideally a good plant based milk, I love Oat milk)
- in your cup, sift in 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp of matcha powder and add 1 tsp of inulin powder (optional)
- add a splash of hot water from a recently boiled kettle (not boiling though as you can burn it) and mix it together with your matcha whisk
- pour over your hot milk and you're good to go

I love having one of these in the morning if I need a pick-me-up, they give me the kick I need without the crash.

Have you had matcha lattes before? How do you make yours?

Thank you so much for reading this week,

Lotsa love,

Emmaline x

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