Sunday 7 February 2016

EATING OUT: Red Chilli

It's Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choy! I thought I should do a post for the New Year and so here it is!

Being Chinese is great! Well, half-Chinese in my case, but it's great! I get to experience the BEST Chinese food ever! There is only one problem with this... I'm super fussy!

This is such a snobby post, but it's so true!

I know what good Chinese food is and I know what bad Chinese food is. This makes me rather picky, I love a traditional style, I think home cooking is always everybody's favorite, but I love something more traditional than the standard boring stuff. So, when I say somewhere tastes good, it generally does!

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Manchester has to be Red Chilli, Oxford Road. The decor is a bit different than the usual standard style and so is the food. It has tastes from all parts of China (so not just Cantonese style) and has a bit more of a kick to it!

I used to love to eat their Beijing Duck - which is soo cool! They carve it at the table - makes for more of a dining experience. You must also always order the soup that comes with it too, it just finishes it all off nicely! I went for dinner the other night and thought I have to do a post on this place as I love it so much.

The Beijing Duck sides

The yummy Beijing Duck!

From left to right
Spicy Aubergine with garlic and fungus, salt and pepper soft shell crab and tung choi with Malaysian sauce

I'm trying to stay off meat at the moment, but when I used to eat it this was one of my fav things! We now usually have seafood and veggie mains, but hubby has meat occasionally when we eat out for him.

We had the soft shell crab with salt and pepper, tung choi vegetables with the Malaysian sauce and also a sweet and spicy aubergine dish that I've started ordering a lot when I go.

When you eat out at a Chinese restaurant, the best was to order is to have lots to share in the middle (not one dish each) and then always have one sweet dish. This helps bring out the flavours of the other dishes.

This is what we ate another time that we went, same vegetables but with spicy mutton casserole - I didn't eat the mutton but hubby did!

Definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Manchester for Chinese food, you must go if you fancy something a little different - you might even see me in there! ;)

Thanks for reading!

Emmaline x

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