My Favourite Workout Apps!

I put a post up a couple of days ago about my 5 favourites and one of those fav's was my 7 minute workout app. 
So, today I thought I would go through with you which are may fav workout apps - I've definitely tried a few!!
I love using workout apps to help me as they are super cheap but you feel like you get a personal training session at the same time! I know it is no comparison to having somebody there with me, but my bank balance much prefers it!! I am not a member of a gym and haven't had a membership in many years! I find - for me - I like working out at home with my yoga mat and a couple of kettle bells for weights. I have a 6kg and an 8kg which is enough for me as I'm not looking to bulk up too much.

Quick Fit | 7 minute Workout App

This 'Quick Fit' app is so great, I've been using it for a while now and I know it's crazy to say (it's only 7 minutes long for goodness sake!) but I really do feel a difference after using it. You can do it every day as it's only 7 minutes long - I think everybody can find 7 minutes in their day and if not, I really suggest that you re-assess your work/life balance!
I love doing more energising workouts in the morning as I really feel they get me going. This one isn't so hard that you're going to be breaking a major sweat, but it does warm your body up.
Will you lose weight from doing just this?? Hmmmm... I would probably say no. You do really need to look into your diet and do something a bit more 'active', but if you're just looking to tone up then this is the perfect app!

Nike Training Club

This app is the original reason I started using these in the first place and it is always one of favourites! If you want to trim up a little before a holiday or a special event, this is the app I go to.

There are so many different workouts for you to choose from. There are 4 main sections to choose from - get lean, get toned, get strong and get focused. Then, in each section you can select whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Then you can choose a workout that suits you based on time and result. Each workout gives you 'walk through' poses of how to do each pose and also mini videos to show you how to do everything. This really helps you get each move right and lessens the chance of you hurting yourself. You also get somebody talking through the workout routine with you, keeping you motivated and going. It's great fun! They also do a personalised training schedule too over 4 weeks which reminds you to workout and tells you which workouts to do to get the result you want.
My favourite 15 minute workout was 'Wild Alive' with Jessie J - you sweat and really work that ass! Fancy going hard?? Jeanette Jenkins 'Ultimate Hollywood' is 45 minutes of hardcore blood, sweat and tears ha ha! I'm guaranteed to look like a hot mess after this one!

Quick Fit | 15 Minute Yoga Routine

I downloaded this from my 7 minute workout app as I wanted to give it a try, well I love it! I've been using this for around 6-8 months now and it's just a really nice way to get your 'yoga' fix in daily. I like to do my 7 minute workout first and then follow it with my 15 minute yoga session. I find after all the jumping around from the 7 min workout, it's nice to calm and stretch the muscles after by doing a bit of yoga.

It's great for all abilities, really simple, not too advanced. There's nothing more depressing than watching somebody bend their body in half and twist their leg behind their head and then say 'now you do it!'. It can be quite demotivating and you can also end up doing some damage if you're trying to do a pose that you're bod is not ready for!

Similar to all the other apps, it walks through each pose with you and they talk through it too just to help you stay motivated. I love to do this app if I can't get to my regular yoga class, it makes me still feel like I'm doing something ha ha!

Yoga Studio App

I downloaded this app more recently - maybe the last 4 months? This is such a lovely yoga app. Similar to the Nike training club, you can select your level and then also build your Yoga practice to suit you. It has practices that you can do for 15 minutes up to an hour. As you can custom build your practice too, it works really well so you can do the things that you like or that suit your body. 

Like all the other apps they walk you through the poses and the girl's voice is very soft and calming. There is also music that runs in the background to help you relax as well which I like  it sets the mood!

Each pose has a video too which shows you how to do each one which I really like. You don't feel intimidated by the poses and you can work to your own ability.

Headspace | Treat your head right!

I couldn't do a post on workout apps without doing one for the mind as well. Our brains work so so hard in the day and if you're unlucky, at night too! We all struggle to sleep at some point in our lives and so some gentle meditation can really help with that.

They offer a free 10 days which is amazing! It's just 10 minutes a day - I like to do it before bed, but you can do it anytime. The guy's voice is very gentle but not too 'hippy'. There are no weird chimes in the background and you really do feel great after. There are even little cartoons to watch before the session which try and help you understand how to calm your mind. It's super user friendly and I go back to it over and over again when I'm needing to sleep but my mind is running a marathon!
I recommend it to so many clients who are struggling with stress or anxiety, it is just the simple mindfulness method but it's packaged in such a way it almost feels like a fun thing to do.

Well, I hope you like this post and there have been some insights that might help you with your workout routine a bit more. We don't all have the time to go to the gym everyday, but even just 7 minutes will help you on the way to get the body you want.

Thank you so much for reading!

Emmaline x


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