LITTLE GEMS: Ready for the weekend

Ooh, its been a long week this week. I've been doing lots of work on the blog to try and make it nicer for you all to read. I really hope you like the new layout and style.
I'm hoping to do new features on the blog with different people, have lots of new recipes and a new place to eat out too.

How has your week been? For some reason, so many people this week though it was Thursday/Friday on Wednesday! Eugh! That's me included too - but hey, you have to look at the positives! It means I had an extra day in the week my mind wasn't expecting! :)

Treated myself to the new Deliciously Ella book this week. Really looking forwards to having a good read

I love a good cup of herbal tea. The quality of the tea really depends on the size of the leaf, so I recommend that you check that the tea bag first if you can. Some have such tiny holes in the bag and are filled with dust! Make sure you get a high quality leaf, flower or fruit tea. The teas I have in my clinic are large leaf, whole flowers and large fruit chunks. Why not try one next time you're in the clinic.

Gorgeous flowers from my hubby for Valentines Day - specially delivered by the beautiful Rowena from Row's Petals in Manchester - lucky me!

It might have been super cold outside, but I made it feel like Summer yesterday morning with my breakfast Acai bowl for hubby and I. I put a recipe up here of how you can make it yourself! These are so yummy and super quick to make - simply blitz up and sprinkle toppings! Why not try it one morning?

I hope you've all had a lovely week

Emmaline x

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