Monday 1 February 2016

What I eat in a day!

So I've seen quite a few of these posts of 'What I ate today' and I thought I would give you a rundown of what I would eat on a normal day during the week.

Recently I have been drinking a green smoothie every morning for a breakfast. As much as I love juicing, sometimes it can be a bit of a faff and also it means I need to make something to go with it too. Smoothies are great as they contain everything that I need for my breakfast, plenty of nutrients, vitamins, fibre, minerals and they also fill my belly! I've also really got into yoga this year and so smoothies work really well for me as they are quite light, especially this one!

If I'm feeling extra hungry then I might add some oats to it too, my smoothie at the moment consists of...

(all organic if possible)
4 celery sticks
large handful of spinach or kale
1 lemon or lime
1 head of romaine lettuce
1 apple
1 banana
2 cups of water

I blend all the 'leafy' ingredients together first and then add the extras slowly. It makes A LOT I know! I then pour it into 3 Kilner jars that have lids and then store it in the fridge. This is breakfast then for me for the day and the next 2 days! Super quick and simple and also tastes quite nice too!
What I've also started doing as I get towards the end of my smoothie is pour some fresh water into the glass (around 100 - 150ml) and then stir in my Skinade and then drink! I like to do it this way as it allows me to have some food in my tummy before I drink my Skinade. Otherwise, I drink my smoothie and then drink my glass of Skinade after - either way I make sure I get it in!

If I'm not having a smoothie, it's either avocado on toast or eggs! Avocado on toast is delicious and I will put my recipe up soon - I like to make mine a little different :)

Lunch at the moment is pretty much the same every day. I'm going through a soup addiction phase and so each day I have been venturing out to The Garden Restaurant in Hale. They do the BEST soups and they are also organic! That's got to be a win win situation. If I don't go out to get a soup then I will have one I have made already at home. I love to make a big batch of soup and then freeze it so it lasts me a few meals.

These soups are just so so tasty! I don't even look at what soup it is anymore, I just know I will like it whatever it is :)

Then, depending on how late I'm working I might snack a little throughout the afternoon as I usually can work till after 9pm some nights. As I usually have quite an early lunch (11:30-12pm) so I would start to feel too hungry if I didn't  snack at all.

Snacks for me are usually relatively healthy. If I end up scoffing something like bread or biscuits mid afternoon I find I feel quite tired and lethargic afterwards so something like dried fruit such as trial mix works quite well. Fresh fruit is great too and sometimes if I'm feeling extra hungry I will snack on a couple of spelt and sunflower seed crackers I buy from Unicorn in Chorlton (I always have a good stash of these in my cupboard!) My other obsession at the moment are these hummus chips! Wowsers, these are seriously addictive ha ha! I can't necessarily say that they are 'healthy', but they are definitely better than a bag of crisps anyhow.

Raw chocolate mulberries are so delicious too, as are dates with almond butter. Anything like this I find really yummy and satisfying.

Then when I get home, it's nearly always time for dinner!

Dinner usually consists of some kind of fish or vegetable burger and greens. If I have extra time then I will make a vegan & gluten free pie from Clives Pie's. These are so so tasty too! I always have a stash of these in the freezer and then I can pop them in the oven when I get home. I love them with mash sweet potato or roasted potatoes and some greens.

Delicious Clive's Pies

Courgetti with homemade pesto

I really recommend buying a spiralizer if you don't already have one, they are so handy! They are a great way to use up vegetables in your fridge too! Leftover courgette or a leftover carrot are perfect! Just gently warm it in a fry pan with some garlic oil, once warm then just take it off the heat and then stir through some pesto - voila! Super tasty gluten free pasta! Yummy!

So there you have it, what I eat in a day!

Thanks so much for reading everybody :)

Emmaline x

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