Wednesday 24 February 2016

5 FAVOURITES: Hair, Makeup and Positivity!

Well, what do I have here...! Five little treats that I just love this week, so I thought why not share them with you...

1. Hair Clips | Dry Bar Alligator Clips

Anybody who has seen me in the last 6 months has probably seen one of these bad boys in my hair! I am seriously addicted to them, they are all over my house, in my car/handbag/clinic and they are amazing!

They are bright yellow, so pretty hard to miss, but these clips, they are not just like any regular clip...

According to

·       Hold large amounts of hair, which makes sectioning easy.
·       “Alligator jaw” design keeps the hair securely in place.
·       Leave no indentation. Jointed arm and flexible grip prevent lines of demarcation.
·       Remove gently without pulling or tugging strands.
·     For damp styling, use lower arm as a comb to create vertical sections in hair and clip. Makes blow-drying more effective and efficient.

·       For dry styling, use lower arm to create horizontal sections below the part in dry hair and clip for optimal use of Detox.

I purchased mine in New York at Dry Bar, but I know you can get them from Sephora online (which now ships to the UK! hurrah!!) find out more here

2. Books | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

      I purchased this book originally via one of my credits at, so no I didn't sit and read it but listened to it instead! I first listened to it on my way back from a training course up North. It was a long journey home and the traffic was a nightmare! Liz's voice was so comforting and it still is now (I've still around an hour left of listening time). This book is so fantastic, she talks about how we are all creative and how we can lose the fear to really allow ourselves to do what we really want to do. It truly is big magic and I found myself welling up at some points when she talks about how creativity can flow and how we ALL experience the fear. She speaks of how ideas are not 'ours' but belong to the universe. Such a fantastic read or listen, one of my fav books to date!

3. Workout Apps | The 7 Minute workout by Quick Fit - Tiny Hearts

I've been using this app for months now and I really like it. I also unlocked the Quick Yoga 15 minute routine too which I love. Apparently it has been scientifically proven to work! Well, who knows really, but I love it. I don't do it every day as I do other training methods along side it, but I can imagine using it every day for 7 minutes is a quick and easy way of toning up.

4. Makeup | Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline New York

Do you remember this mascara?? It was sold out everywhere when it first came out and all the super models were using it! How things have changed since then, I think I was about 15 when it came out ha ha!

Well, I am bringing it back! I saw it the other day and decided to try it again and you know what... I love it! It's so natural looking for everyday and is so easy to remove. It cost like a fiver and I think it's still a fab mascara! Let's take it back to the year 2000 and get out our great lash! 

5. Quote of the day

"You don't fail if you don't succeed, you fail if you don't try!"

This is so true! I feel like society really brings us to believe that if we try something and do not succeed, or you fail to 'impress', this is seen as failure. The real failure is if we never give it a go in the first place! Do you really want to look back when you're older and think, "I wish I did this/that and now I have no time". That is failing to be creative! You ALWAYS must try, give it a go! You never know, you might end up flying!

So, wear that crazy dress, call that person, go for that job, really do follow your dreams and make sure you feel gratitude along the way!

Thanks so much for reading everybody, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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