Tuesday 22 March 2016

INSPO: 7 questions with Lynette

As we all need a little inspiration now and again, I've decided to do a post series which is 7 quick questions with somebody that I see as successful. So, I guess for me, there is no bigger inspiration in my life than my mum! Lynette!

McDonalds! It happens to the best of us ha ha! God what is happening with my hair here!

Birthday celebrations at the yummy Rose Garden, Didsbury.

After running a highly successful (as in got into the top 200 SBE businesses in the UK kind of successful!) vehicle rental company for 39 years, there is nothing this little pocket rocket can't do! From cutting hair to laying carpet, riding horses at a very high level to giving everybody she meets advice and love. I couldn't think of a better person to start this post with!

So, here we go. 7 questions starting now...

1) Describe yourself - who you are and what you do

I am a retired vehicle hire manager, I'm 5.1 blonde with blue eyes. I love the outdoors and anything to do with animals and also business related!

2) Most valuable beauty tip

Drink lots of water and always wear make up to protect your skin (plus it makes you look and feel good!)

3) Most valuable tip on staying fit and healthy

Keep on the move as much as possible, and have a hobby that keeps you active. Eat well, sleep well!

4) Advice for anybody starting out in business
Give it your best shot! Work hard and be conscientious all the time

5) What is your best business tip for success
Spend wisely

6) Favourite food
Potatoes - roasted, boiled, mashed, julienned - anyway just not raw! ha ha

7) One word that describes you


Seriously good business tip there! I think we can all use the excuse 'we need to speculate to accumulate' - or at least I do anyway!

Thanks so much for reading! 

Emmaline x

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