LITTLE GEMS: Where has the sun gone?

Ok, so I'm not really complaining it's raining. I'm actually quite glad of it. Everything needed a good water so I'm grateful really, let's just hope it doesn't stay too long though!

How's your weekend been so far? I'm managed to get some yoga practice in and do some book keeping! Oh the joys of accounts!

Made a delicious plant based stir fry with some soba noodles, beans, sprouts and silken tofu. So tasty!

I also discovered these cool smoothie packs. I nipped out at lunch the other day to the supermarket to get some frozen fruit (which none of them seemed to have) and found these cute little bags of smoothie packs. I was actually quite impressed! They contain 2 bags of frozen fruit and 2 sachets of 'superfoods'. So easy and quick to use too. You get 2 smoothies from each pack and I just added the contents of the pack and the sachet into my nutri bullet and then added 250ml of water and 2 tablespoons of oats to make it nice and creamy. Was really tasty and great for a quick snack on the go. Check them out next time you're in the frozen section :)

I also made a super quick salad for lunch one day at work as I was in a rush and didn't fancy soup - how hot was it last week!
I just bought a selection of prepared veggies and then just assembled it all together. Super quick and super tasty!

Great way to make yourself a quick lunch to take to work with you.

Then, Saturday morning I had a play with my new purchase! I bought a waffle maker!! Oh my god, I was sooo excited to use this and I'd had it at home for a week already but didn't have time to use it. I made these tasty waffles. Served with fresh fruit, Coyo dairy free yoghurt, maple syrup and raw cacao nibs. They were amazing!! Gluten free and dairy free waffles of course too :)

Then, finally went for a tasty meal to Byron. I went for the veggie bean burger and no joke it was so yum! I've not been to Byron since I stopped eating meat 12 months ago so I was a bit dubious to how the veggie burger would be, but it did not disappoint at all. The burger was super crunchy and crisp on the outside and spicy and smooth inside. We had it with courgette and sweet potato fries - my fav!

How was your week? Did you have a nice break?

Hope you have a lovely week to come, thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x

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