Monday 8 August 2016


This started out as something completely different. I was going to do the famous 'Walnut Tacos' that I believe Beyonce loves (and so do I) but long story short - the walnuts ended up on the bird table! So, I decided to continue with the healthy tacos, but instead use black beans. Turned out super delicious and so I thought I would share the recipe with you all...

So, this is all about what you like on your tacos. If you want to use meat then use meat, but for me, black beans work perfectly here. I just use drained, organic, tinned black beans from either Unicorn grocery or Sainsburys and fry them in a pan with some tamari and lemon juice. Then I've added some homemade guacamole (smashed avo in a bowl with some fresh coriander, lime, salt and pepper), chopped tomatoes, crispy onions and pomegranate. I had about 4 of these wrapped in a large romaine lettuce leaf. I also just chargrilled some courgettes, aubergine slices and peppers.

I can't really call it a recipe as it's more on your own taste, but I'm sure you get the drift!

Happy Eating Folks!

Thanks so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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