LITTLE GEMS: Feasting Weekend!

I seem to have changed the theme of the 'little gems' to more of a 'what I ate this week' kind of post ha ha! Is it quite sad that all the 'little gems' in my week all relate to food? I think not! There is the odd thing here and there, but this week it was pretty much all yummy food related! Did you have a good week? Busy? Or are you off on holiday? Spending time with the kids? Whatever you were doing, I hope you had a good one :)

I've had some seriously good breakfasts this week...

Coyo with granola and fresh strawberries, bee pollen and seeds

Delicious homemade porridge with Almond Milk and a berry compote (this is so quick! Check out the recipe here)

Really tasty smoothie bowl with granola, bee pollen, chia seeds and nut butter

Plus a super lazy Sunday breakfast of chia pudding with fresh strawberries and some super seeds. I'm not really one to buy pre-made foods if I can make it myself fresh at home, but now and again these Chia Pods are really handy to have in the fridge. They come in different flavours and actually taste really good. I've checked out the ingredient list and its really simple too (so no nasties in there!), plus it seems to have a really good shelf life so keeps well in the fridge.

I've also been adding these 'Superseeds' to everything at breakfast. They have different flavours too so you can get savoury ones as well as sweet. This is the chocolate brownie one and it's great on granola and smoothie bowls.

Here I had fresh fruit with bee pollen, Superseeds and a Chia Pod. It took me minutes to make and was super tasty. Normally I would make my own and I would recommend you do too. Chia puds are so quick to make the night before, but if you forget or just fancy one in the morning, these little bad boys are good to go!

Went to yoga on Wednesday night and I normally would go home and get some dinner, but this week I just didn't have time. So, I stayed at work and got a sushi takeaway from a nearby restaurant who make it fresh. These are Victor's Flamed Salmon Rolls and the Soft Shell Crab Spider Rolls - Yum!

I also go to making some new products for the TSUI apothecary range this week. Super excited to add some products to the range - there is so much coming from this brand! Watch this space...!

Had a tasty lunch at Alberts on Saturday, I know it's pretty big! I wouldn't normally go for something like this for lunch but it was the best option out of everything on the menu. If I didn't go for the fish it was a Cheesy Bread and Butter Pudding option which really didn't tickle my fancy! Just weird!

So, I got this idea from Manchester House! If you ever have some passionfruit at home, this always makes them super yum! It's a crispy toffee shell on top. Make sure your passion fruit is ready first - it needs to be all shrunk and crinkly (this is when it's at it's sweetest). Then sprinkle over some brown sugar and carefully melt it with a blow torch (or you could put it under the grill I guess).

 Yum! Super crispy top and tastes delicious! Just don't burn your mouth peeps! I hope that goes without saying!

Went for a lovely afternoon tea with some friends on Saturday to Caramello in Didsbury. I absolutely love this place, it's like my new chilling spot (The Garden always has my heart though!) They make fresh homemade gelato and cakes. I know I'm not big on the dairy, but they have tasty sorbets and macaroons so that was my option. Plus one of the nicest peppermint teas ever! You must check it out, plus the decor is so gorgeous! Love it!

Then, it's an oldie but a goodie! Saturday night, can't beat a bit of Pizza Express! 2 courses for £9.95 - cheap and cheerful! I know it's not always the most glam place, but it's one of those places where as a rule you know what you're getting. Here we had dough balls and the tomato and mozzarella salad - standard but yum!

Then, I had the Superfood salad and hubs had a pizza. Some kind of Pollo pizza something? Can't remember the name but it was chilli crazy! Rather him than me ha ha!

Then, finally today we went to good old Alty Market for lunch after I had finished work. I went to the newer bit outside and had a Black Bean Mexican Wrap from GUD vegan. This food is so tasty, it's all plant based street food and has so much flavour. Top right is their polenta chips and then we got some roast potatoes and hubs and a pulled chicken sandwich from Nationale 7. I still think the plant based must be the best (and he did too!). Then, it was all washed down with a green tea - bit of a globe trotting meal (Mexico for the burger, English Potatoes and Japanese Green Tea) but some how it worked!

It's been a good week this week, I got lots of work done and had such a busy week in the clinic. Think it might start to slow down for a few weeks whilst everybody is away, so maybe I can sneak an odd day here or there for some much needed R and R!

How about you? Are you getting a break anytime soon? Don't overdo it now!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!

Big love,

Emmaline x

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