LITTLE GEMS: Let the Sun Shine In!

Well, we're at the end of another busy week again. Lots of working and developing new products (which is uber exciting!) and as usual lots of eating!

I managed to get the most delicious breakfast in mid-week with my Mamma at The Garden in Hale. As I'm sure you know this is one of my all time favourite places to grab a bite to eat and I'm in there at least 5 days a week!

Mum went for the avocado on toast (Good Morning Greens) and I went for the sweet potato hash (Harissa Hash). I think this is my all time favourite breakfast I've every had there! I've been trying to cut out eggs, but now and again I don't mind having them in my diet (they must be free rage and organic though).

Then, I had a lovely day out with my good friend and went for lunch in Victors in Hale on Friday where we bumped into hubby too - so he joined us for lunch. 

I chose the sushi (always Flamed Salmond Roll and Tempura Spider Roll), my friend had the beef hot dogs and hubs had the Poached Eggs Royale. Seriously yummy lunch - I had been craving Victors sushi for a while and it definitely hit the spot!

Saturday breakfast was pancakes! I've not had these in such a long time and they were so so delicious! You have to make this recipe which I adore! 

I used to serve it with normal natural yoghurt, but now I use the Coyo yoghurt and it tastes even better in my opinion. Especially washed down with a refreshing peppermint tea! Happy Days!

We went to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens in Didsbury in the afternoon and had a walk around. It's just so beautiful there and we couldn't have asked for better weather! 

We also dropped by at the new Caramello Patisserie and had a lemon sorbet (for me) and an ice cream for hubs. Completely forgot to take a picture of my food - I was obviously way too eager! I will definitely take one next time though - the place is so 'cool' (no pun intended ha ha) and the cakes are amazing!

We also bought the biggest watermelon ever! I managed to sit with a spoon and devour a quarter of it - perfect in this hot weather!

Then, dinner on Saturday night was a goodness bowl at home. I absolutely adore these, super tasty, lots of flavour and good for you too! (There's brown rice underneath incase you're wondering how it fills us he he)

I cooked a massive veggie breakfast on Sunday morning for all the family. By the time I had finished rushing around the kitchen though the plates were half empty and so it was a bit late to do a photo! It was good though, super filling! So filling actually that we didn't have any lunch.

Dinner was a super delish meal at Red Chilli on Oxford Road, Manchester. When I eat out I will have a bit of fish now and again as sometimes it's a better option than the vegetarian. Tonight we had a sweet pepper fried fish, tung choi vegetables with a Malaysian sauce and salty egg tofu (yes that sounds random but it's so tasty! I guess a proper traditional dish - my favourite style).

Then home to see my cat, eat some more water melon and then bed for me! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Did you eat anywhere nice?

Thanks so much for reading,

Emmaline x

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