LITTLE GEMS: Easter in The Lakes | The Gilpin, The Langdale Spa & Hotel, Mughli and Home Cooked Heaven

Wow! So this week (albeit amazing) has been a bit of a blur! With a super late night last Sunday and then straight into work on Monday, I can't really say where this week has gone! Let's do it how I know best hey.... in pictures :) 

This was a 'make up as you go along' kind of dinner one night. I roasted some veggies and then stirred them into some gluten free pasta and a truffle and basil dressing.

It was so yummy and super easy too, as we were going away, I just wanted to empty the fridge! It worked ha ha

Thursday was a big day. One of our good family friends Gerry Yeung (Owner of Yang Sing in the TC) was awarded the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester. We were so proud to attend and hubs and I, plus Mamma and Pappa bear made an appearance. Fantastic event to go to at the Whitworth Hall. One of the most beautiful venues in the University.

What was even more impressive was the food! Usually at events like these the food is not that great... this was delish! I opted for the goat's cheese starter (quite possibly the nicest and smoothest goats cheese I've ever eaten!)

Then I had the mushroom tart for mains. The pastry was amazing, so crispy and fresh! So impressed!

With the man himself!

Then, off I went to work before jumping in a car and whizzing off to the Lakes for a couple of nights. This was a much needed rest after such a busy few weeks and it was just perfect. We stayed at The Langdale Hotel & Spa (all part of The Brimstone Spa) and it was stunning. The room was super comfortable and cosy.

Plus, these apples! I could pretty much see my face in them ha ha

Stunning wooden seat - wanted to take it home with me!

So this was the view from our room. Actually, from our balcony. Have you ever seen anything like it? We had the most beautiful view with a stream outside our door. I loved standing there watching all the little birds flying past catching their breakfast in the morning, it was lovely.

We had a walk around our hotel after breakfast and the estate is just amazing. If you ever get the chance to visit here (I know The Well Connected Group do yoga retreats here!), do check it out. I totally fell in love with it.

We ventured out a little bit for a walk on Friday before some spa time with hubs. The weather was actually perfect for walking. Jackets on but unbuttoned, warm air and the sun was out. Happy days!

Quick pitt stop for tea and cookies :)

We had lunch in the hotel on Friday and I opted for the Caesar salad and hubs had the Reuben sandwich. I think the sandwich was good, mine was just a little to 'dressing crazy'. It was almost like soup not dressing! Hey ho, it was still nice though (there was a multitude of dressing hiding under this bed of lettuce). 

Didn't beat the next place though...

Friday night I was treated to dinner at The Gilpin. I've heard so much about this place. The food is all fine dining and is cooked by a Michelin Star Chef - not too shabby!

Canap├ęs to start

Warm homemade bread

A Pear Amuse Bouche

Starter for me was Asparagus 4 ways

Then, a Moroccan Style Aubergine for mains

Mini Macaroons and truffles with our teas and coffees

Indulgent Chocolate Torte for dessert with Rhubarb 4 ways

And check this for service... I was 'Shazamming' a song and it wouldn't pick it up. Our waiter came over and placed this right in front of me. I didn't know whether to say "fabulous thank you", or just die of embarrassment ha ha! Great tune by the way!

Back home on Saturday and I wasn't in the mood for cooking. So, we decided to venture out for some tasty curry and street food. Where else but the best! Mughli in Manchester of course!

The food was sooo good. Those okra fries though... AMAZING!

Killed it!

Then, finally today I decided to cook. The last few days have been amazing. The food was great but quite rich. I fancied trying something a little healthier, so check out these cabbage 'steaks'. I just sliced them into rings and popped them in the oven with some dressing on. I think it's my new fav thing!

Simple veggies all roasted. Cabbage, baked sweet potato and some mixed vegetables. Comfort food!

This I just made up as I went along... It was gooooood! I will pop a recipe up for this very soon. It's super simple too, what should I call it? Puffed apple slice??

Well I hope you've had a lovely week and a fun Easter so far! I've been doing a it of painting in the clinic today as it's the only time I had free. I did an Instagram post about being self-employed. It's funny, so many people think that it's easier but it's really not the case. Yes you pick your own hours, work when you want, leave when you want but it's not really like that. I pick my own hours and end up working more than most. I work when I want but generally that ends up being all the time (like now, sitting here on Easter Sunday at 10pm - it never stops). Oh and I can leave when I want... except I'm always there! Being self employed is perfect for me, I love it, I really do, but don't ever think it's going to be easy!

So, from this little painter bunny to you... Happy Easter! Hope you've all had a fab week!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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