INSPO: Are you doing YOU?

I've been thinking a lot recently and possibly even over analysing a lot of things. I found it quite funny when I've moved my skin clinic to Hale, so many people said... "Wow, you're so brave!". I was like... "huh? why?". It was like this MASSIVE thing and I was taking this really big step... to me it was just something I wanted to do... so I did it!

I've been so fortunate in my life in the sense that I always knew what I wanted to do with it. I went to the beauty salon with my Nana at 5 years old and I guess I never looked back. Yes, there were times when I thought maybe I could do this or that, but I think in the back of my mind, it's always been the beauty industry.

I meet so many people in my life in general and I'm so saddened that people are still out there doing jobs that they hate. I understand that sometimes 'needs must', but at some point in your life you have to take a step back and ask yourself that big question... "What do I actually want to do with my life?". I know, it's a deep one! You might not know, you might not even care (but I think most of us secretly do!).

This post in not a lecture, it's merely me saying if there is something that you want to do with your life, if there is a dream that you have, THEN DO IT! It's not that I don't have fear or anxiety - believe me, but at the same time I know that if i'm on this little planet for a 100 years it's a very short time. I can't afford to waste my life doing something I hate or don't believe in. It's taken me a long time to get to this point, but for me it's all now a bit 'cut throat' I guess. If something doesn't make me happy or feel good, I scrap it. Yes I will give it a few goes and tries, but I've learnt if it doesn't work... it doesn't work! I use this in all aspects of my life from relationships to cooking! I try it, I persevere but after a certain length of time I have to call it a day if necessary. Some people say this is quitting or failing, I don't. I think it's pointless pushing on with something that you know is not going to work... believe me, I've found that out the hard way.

So, when you go to bed tonight, lay there and maybe when it's nice and quiet (and dark too) have a little assessment. How are you feeling? How does your job/relationship/life feel to you? Are you fulfilled? Are you happy? If not, maybe work out how you can be and work towards that goal (maybe even set a target date if it helps!). Just don't forget we only get one shot at life... so DO YOU and make it count!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Emmaline x

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