LITTLE GEMS: Out and about this week! Eat Kaizen, Bakchich, The Om Yoga Show, The Greenhouse, The Garden, Red Chilli Manchester, Altrincham Market Honest Crust and Oh Mei Dumpling! Wowsers!

Hi! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you've had a lovely week. I've been out and about a bit this week and been doing a bit of cooking too...

I made some brown rice pasta on Monday night with some tomato and chilli sauce that I had made a couple of weeks ago (and then popped in the freezer). I just added some olives and artichokes and it was sooo yum! Took less than 10 minutes to cook too!

Tasty breakfast with some fresh strawberries, granola and Koko coconut yoghurt

So I never really take pictures of my lunch as it's pretty much the same every day to be honest. I ALWAYS get the soup from The Garden in Hale. It's so delicious, freshly made each day, Vegan, only costs £3 and it's organic! What more can I ask for?!!?! I would tell you what this one was, but I never really ask what the flavour is, I just ask for the soup :)

Tuesday night was quite a late one and so I needed another quick dinner for when I came home. I decided on soup noodles with some delicious dumplings from Oh Mei Dumpling. I have these frozen and so all I needed to do is cook them (which takes less than 10 mins!). I fried some lettuce and had some ramen with it - perfect, quick dinner after work :)

These dumplings are incredible! She made me vegan ones too! I can't tell you how chuffed this made me. I know I'm not vegan, but I try to eat as little animal produce during the week where possible because I know it suits my body better... Besides, there is a lot of cheese coming up this weekend ha ha!

Standard Thursday morning breakfast now post yoga is an acai bowl. I've not had as many this week because the weather has not been as nice up here in Manchester. It's like a rule that I can only have these when the sun is shining ha ha!

Takeaway Thursday!! Possibly my fav night of the week! We decided to take it on the road this week and went to Altrincham Market. I opted for the mushroom pizza from Honest Crust and hubs had a steak from The Tender Cow. 

We also ordered these crispy, fried artichokes too. They weren't as good as the ones from The Viceroy in New York, but they were pretty close! They come with fried sage leaves and ricotta cheese

So after yoga on Friday morning I decided to get a double whammy and go to the Om Yoga Show. The girls from The Garden were catering and so I had to go and show my support. I got the sweet potato jacket with homemade beans and cashew cheese. It was amazing too! I really enjoyed it! The yoga show was ok, I didn't take any pictures sorry but I wasn't really 'feeling' it. I think because I was by myself I was some kind of target for the sales people and I was at one point followed as I was trying to walk away from somebody selling to me! It was very hard sell there and I found it a bit uncomfortable - even the beauty shows are not that bad! I only stayed for around 45 mins, had a quick mooch and then got off. I don't mind being able to look around and people asking to help me, but don't chase me down the aisle seriously!

Friday night we went to Red Chilli on Oxford Road in Manchester and had the usual. Fish, tofu and greens. It was so good too! Everything was super crispy and fresh! :)

Saturday lunch we went to The Green house (also on Oxford road but in Hale instead!). I love these oat cakes and the salad. We shared because the portions are so big but it all got finished!

So I had a very sad looking banana sat in the kitchen - which is exciting! It means one thing in our house... Banana and Oat cookie time!

These are delicious and also pretty healthy for you. Ok, I won't say they are good for you, but they are much better than pre-packaged ones. Check out the recipe here.

Saturday night was a mega feast at Bakchich in Manchester. We had so much food we ended up bringing some home. It was really good though. I love this kind of food for a change as I don't have it that often. I will do a post on here soon as it's a cool place to check out!

Sunday breakfast before work today was an omelette as per usual. I keep trying to find something that can fill me up like this can but I struggle. I loved my sweet potato hash brown but it took a little longer to cook and on a Sunday morning I just don't have the time. Anybody have any ideas? I want something that is plant based. Porridge/acai bowls/avo toast etc etc just doesn't keep me full till the afternoon :( 

It tasted good though! Plus I was a bit naughty and put it on a brioche roll :)

Then for my (late) lunch I ventured out to Eat Kaizen in Altrincham. I was so excited to try this place as I had heard so many good things about it. It certainly did not disappoint either! They were closing early and I rocked up 15 minutes before they shut. I said I would have a takeaway so they didn't have to wait for me but they were so nice and told me to sit in. I had the superfood salad with vegan dressing and some sweet potato fries. It was sooooo good!!! The staff were super friendly and helpful and the food was fab! If you haven't been I would definitely recommend it. They have so many healthy choices too... it might be one of my new fav places to eat :)

Finally, we went on a lovely evening walk to night and I came across this stunning tree! It's little things like this that make my week!

I hope you've had a lovely week and weekend,

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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