LITTLE GEMS: Eating out in everybody else's house! Altrincham Market, Bistro Pierre

So this is going to be the shortest post ever! Sorry guys, it's been a busy weekend and to be honest, I'm knackered! It's fine though, I'm here and I wanted to share my week with you. Lucky for me this week has been a very simple one!

I've literally only eaten 'out' once this week. I say out but I really mean in a restaurant. I've had so many tasty home cooked meals it's been amazing! From eating at home to eating at my Mum's, my in laws in Surrey and a girlfriend's house. It's been like fine dining in my comfy's!

First things first though... breakfast! Start as you mean to go on right? Yummy Coyo yoghurt (only half a pot is needed though, I must warm you this stuff is seriously calorific!), low sugar granola (I like the 'Lizzi's' branded one when I haven't got time to make my own) and some frozen raspberries. I can tell when Summer is on it's way because I crave frozen raspberries with every dessert or breakfast. Weird right? I can't sleep if I think my freezer is not stuffed to the brim with frozen berries ha ha!

Yummy avo toast

I think this is my new staple pasta dish for the moment. If I have a little extra time, I roast all these veggies in the oven for around 30-45 mins and then stir them into some brown rice pasta. Little basil dressing and some balsamic glaze and you're good to go!

I had a load of plums given to me last week and we just never managed to get through them... hence the crumble! I had a bit of an experiment with this and used coconut flour, sugar and oil as part of my topping (yes coconut crazy!), plus some organic muesli too. It was actually quite nice for a change. Muesli is such a fab and lazy crumble topping if you don't have the time/can't be bothered. Plus it's pretty healthy too!

Fav breakfast of the week. If you actually saw how big this was you would be amazed that I finished the lot! Here is my absolutely delicious acai bowl on Thursday morning #Heaven

This was actually the only meal I had out this week. Can you believe that!! I nipped to Alty Market for lunch on Friday and had the rice bowl with aubergine and tofu. I can't explain how good this is seriously!! Definitely try one if you get the chance from Wolfhouse Kitchen.

Then I went to the Bistro Pierre in Altrincham for a quick cuppa with my lovely Laura :) This is the first time I've been in to be honest. I hear the food is not that great (plus I've heard horror stories about the service from some clients - I had a lovely experience though!). I don't think I will be eating there, but for a cuppa with a girlfriend, sat in the window, watching the world go by... it was perfect!

So Saturday was a bit of a mad one! I didn't take any pictures sorry, but I went to visit my in laws in Surrey and we had a lovely day out. It was a quick trip and we had some more delicious home cooked foods. I was so shattered though by the end of it, I forgot all about my camera! D'oh! Anyhoo, I was back in work on Sunday (albeit a little in the sleepy side!) so I needed some good fuel to keep me going, I ended up having the usual omelette tortilla. It might not look all that, but it sure filled a hole!

Yummy Wrap!

But first... Coffee! #CostaSelfie ;)

I then went to visit another of my girlfriends this evening and had some more amazing home cooking. Again, I was so hungry I forgot my camera and instead just applied food to face (sorry, it was 4:30pm and I hadn't had lunch!) I promise I will be better next week!

Wanted to finish off this week's blog post with this... A truly gorgeous sunset outside my window. You can't help but feel gratitude when you see something some pretty as this.

I hope you've all had a super duper week. Hopefully the weather was nice where you were. I'm so excited for some sunshine for the next few days too, bring it on!

Have a fab week and thanks so much for reading. I'm off to catch some Zzzz's!

Big love,

Em x

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