EATING OUT: Caffe Grande | Piccolinos Manchester

So, I know I don't normally do 2 of these type of posts in a week but I just couldn't resist putting this post up. I went today for lunch with a hubby and a good friend and was blown away by how lovely this place was! The service was great - albeit the waitress couldn't get our plates off the table quick enough! Like seriously, she was waiting for me to put that last potato in my mouth then whipped the plate from under me! Ha ha! Nothing like efficiency is there!
But, ignoring that, this place is beautiful. There were seats outside which people were sat in (it was such a beautiful sunny day) but inside is where it's at! Check out how stunning this place is :)

{ Kitchen Area }

{ Wine Bar }

{ Always love how they always give you free bread to nibble on! }

{  Our lunch! King Prawn Linguine with garlic and chilli, broccoli with garlic and chilli, roasted potatoes, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, house salad and calamari }

I have started having lots of side dishes for my mains recently. I'm super happy with the choice of food I get and it's generally all plant based. I find if I order a vegetarian option it's loaded with cheese and I'm trying to cut back on fish so this works so well for me. I had all the sides in the middle, hubby had linguine and our friend had the calamari. Food was delicious! 

{  Dessert Area }

The cakes were to die for! They all looked so stunning! I love the way they have these little bar areas for different things, one for pizza, wine, cakes and here is the 'steak area'

{ Steak Area }

{ Pizza Area }

I love how this chefs head is hidden by the giant paddle ha ha!

Then we had dessert! Melt in the middle chocolate pudding and Crepes Suzette! I love the way they flambĂ© them in front of you! These were seriously delicious too! Can't beat a good dessert, fresh mint tea for me and cappuccino for hubby as well. 
I would so recommend checking this place out, I had such a lovely time. Great food and great company - will definitely be going back very soon!

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you go and what you think!

Happy Bank Holiday Everybody!

Emmaline x


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