EATING OUT: The Railway Kitchen, Alderley Edge

So we fancied dinner out the other night but didn't want to venture too far out of our way. Hale sometimes can be a bit too much as I work there everyday, so Alderley Edge was our place of choice. I love the village even though it's pretty small. They have a great selection of restaurants there though and so it's always a nice choice of an evening out - far enough away that it's not too 'local', but not a mission into town either! Oh, and it's relatively easy to park - unlike the city centre which can be challenging sometimes to say the least!

We decided that morning we wanted to go to The Railway Kitchen, so we booked our table for 7pm (I love to eat early!) and off we went!

I've been here to eat a few times in the past and the food is always superb. The last few times we went the food was more Indian inspired, but this time it had more of a Japanese theme to it. I love this kind of 'street food' style with lots of little bits to munch on. We ordered quite a lot of food to eat (typical us!) but everything was so so good :) 

{ yummy }

{ Seared Yellowfin Tuna }

{ Raw Papaya Salad, Soba noodles with tenderstem broccoli and Crispy Squid }

{ Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Shichimi Chips }

{ All gone! Delicious! }

Definitely give it a try if you fancy some really good food locally.

Thanks so much for reading

Emmaline x

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