LITTLE GEMS: Post Weekend Food Coma!

Wow! How much food I managed to pack in this weekend was quite amusing! Saturday especially was as busy food day - but you know me, I never complain about eating!

How was your weekend? I spent it in what seemed to be the Trafford Centre all day Friday and a good chunk of Saturday! Not my fav place in the world by any means, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!

I managed to visit the OM Yoga show on Saturday which was great fun. I went to an amazing workshop on flexibility by a lady called Anne-Marie Newland. She was so so good! I really wanted to take some pics but I didn't know if I would be allowed to so I've found one on her Facebook (I'm even in the background - can you see me! ha ha) Have a look at her website to see what other workshops she has done, super impressed!

I also managed to get a bit of shopping in too! I bought the cutest tee from a girl called Emma Nissim who makes her own clothing. Really cute stuff and they had some great offers on too. Check out the tee I bought here. Really cute stuff plus the girls are both half Chinese - so we gotta support them ha ha!

Saturday I went to the Trafford Centre again and went for lunch at the Yang Sing Restaurant. Gerry is a very good family friend of ours and so we thought we'd go visit and get some food! He organised some really yummy nibbles and then we ordered a Bimbibap - what a cool name (it's a Korean rice dish)! Will do a post on eating out here soon!

We went for dinner again that night to The Railway Kitchen in Alderley Edge. This was a super yummy dinner. Will be posting about this place soon too!

I hope you had a nice couple of days off

Thanks for reading

Emmaline x

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