RECIPE: The Emmaline Tsui Monster Salad

The Monster Salad
After lots of demand on social networking sites, finally I am writing a blog on food! My most favourite thing in the world! ;)
Most days at work I like to eat what I call a 'Monster Salad'. I guess there is no exact recipe or method but here are some guidelines on how i make them. I usually like to do a shop once a week and buy enough food to last me around 4 days at work. 
Here is a rough guide as to what I buy and use in my salads - please feel free to chop and change the ingredients to suit your own tastes...

Food shopping list...

1 x 200g Bag of mixed salad (I like Florette as it seems to last the best in the fridge)
1 x pot of olives (Castelvetrano are my favourite)
1 x Avocado
1 x pot of coleslaw or hummous
1 x pot of carbohydrates (this could be pasta, cous cous, noodles or whatever i fancy)
1 x pot of chargrilled artichokes or anchovies
1 x bottle of salad dressing (my favourite is the fresh ones in the refrigerator section - Sainsburys Mango, chilli and lime is amazing!)
Then a 'mains' this could be either any of the following...
4 x chicken thighs (generally pre-cooked if I don't have the time to make them in advance)
1 x pack of smoked salmon
1 x pack of smoked mackerel
1 x pack of halloumi

Then its all about the assembly and quantities used.
  • I wouldn't advise that you eat any more than half an avocado per day (I usually have 1/4 per day as they are so calorific)
  • Around a tablespoon of coleslaw or hummus (like the avocado its quite calorific)
  • Around one to two tablespoons of carbs
  • Then I usually split everything else over 3 or 4 days and keep everything all in the fridge
I love these salads, they are so filling and full of nutrients, they have bags of flavour and its amazing how you don't feel so bloated with them as you don't really need any bread with them. They are also super quick to make :)

I hope you enjoy them as much as me

Emmaline xx


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