LIFESTYLE: An Open Letter To Anybody Experiencing Heartache


Welcome back to my blog. 

So the title of this post sounds a little glum, but I promise it really is not meant to be. After a month of everybody talking about 'detox', now February is here everybody is talking about love and romance. Yes, it's lovely to have romance in our lives and spend time with our partners for Valentine's Day, but what about people who don't have that? I feel like it's just another one of those things where all those big companies try and make money off of us. Anyway, I wanted to change it up a bit and I thought that we could maybe practice some self-love this month. Take care of ourselves and look after our hearts instead of somebody else's for a change. So it may sound cheesy and I don't write posts like this often, but now and again I think it's nice to be a bit more open - because you know... why not!

For anybody out there who is feeling a little lonely, missing a loved one or going through the grievances of losing somebody (which unfortunately I've heard so much of lately), here is a little letter from me to you. I hope it gives you strength and warms your heart...

Dear you,

I know it's been a little tough recently and with all the talk of Valentine's day. Love this and love that. It can be a hard one to swallow when you are going through heart break. Whether you have lost a loved one from this planet or just lost a relationship/friendship the pain is still there. Heart ache is horrid and it's real. The pain you feel when you know something is coming. When somebody is fading away you feel a loss and an emptiness can take over. I've experienced it myself when losing a loved one, it's like you're a little bird with beautiful wings. The wings help you fly and soar so high when all is well. You feel free to roam anywhere you can, but when things start to fall apart your wings get smaller. They weaken and sometimes disappear. It's almost like you've lost your flight and you're trapped in a cage. It will get better though, I promise it will. Stand up tall and nurture your heart. Be strong. Be brave. 

Then, when you least expect it, your feather's start to grow again. One by one they get bigger and fluffier. The colours are brighter and bolder than they were. The more you care for yourself, the more you do things that make YOU happy, the brighter they become. Then, like magic, your wings come back. They grow bigger than before and stronger. So much stronger than before. Then one day, the cage door opens, you perch on the edge to see if you're brave enough to fly. You are. You are so ready! That first flight is so nerve racking, scary and exciting. Enjoy it, enjoy every moment! Be the little bird who is brave and strong. Love yourself and love will come to you. You will never forget being that little bird, like I will never forget my loved ones who nurtured me as a little bird. Now though, use your wingspan and fly so high and become the best birdie in the sky!

Happy 'Self-Love' Month!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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